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Kyoto news

The Russian Federation has agreed to support ratification of the Kyoto agreement that was brought to life on December 11th, 1997 and has to be agreed upon by 55 countries, good for 55% of the carbon dioxide emmissions by industrial countries before it can take full effect.

After the USA decided in 2001 not to sign and comply with the agreement, it became quite hard to reach the treshold of 55% without support of the Russians. Today they have agreed to bring the agreement to the Duma (Russian parliament). There is not yet a set date, but their interest in ratifying the Kyoto Protocol is a major step forward towards a healthier environment for everyone.

In short, based on the UNFCCC in 1992, at the Conference of the Parties in 1997, over 160 nations agreed to agreed to limit their greenhouse gas emissions, relative to the levels emitted in 1990.

Links : Russia a Step Closer to Ratifying Kyoto says WWF - Kyoto Protocol Status of Ratification (PDF format) - Kyoto Protocol Thermometer

New books

Yay! The mailman just rang my doorbell - I was awake already even though I only fell asleep around 03h00 - to deliver the remaining 2 books of my order : Kevin Mitnick's "The Art of Deception" and Naomi Klein's "Fences and Windows". I'm especially looking forward to reading Mitnick's book, as the other purchase is purely based on her earlier No Logo work.

In the mean time, I've reached page 102 (the start of his training) in the Psychic Warrior book by David Morehouse and I added three more books (Limitless Mind: A Guide to Remote Viewing and Transformation of Consciousness by Russell Targ, The Seventh Sense: The Secrets of Remote Viewing as Told by a "Psychic Spy" for the U.S. Military by Lyn Buchanan and Remote Viewing: What It Is, Who Uses It and How to Do It by Tim Rifat) about Remote Viewing to my Amazon Wishlist.

One of the other envelopes I got by mail today came from an affiliate program I seem to have joined somewhere in the past, and it contained a cheque for a total amount of - brace yourself - three dollars and 4 cents! As if I'm gonna cash that one... it'll cost me more to actually do so that its nominal worth. I really would love it when the US got out of the Dark Ages and started using electronic transfers instead of the ancient cheque system. This is like chasing a pigeon on your porch to retrieve the message tied to it when everyone else e-mails you. Funny, but a total waste of time.

Head Racer 2?


Has anyone seen this ad on TV maybe? I believe I saw it on the tube but I ain't sure - it's about a razor specially crafted for shaving your head, and I was pretty convinced it was called "Head Racer 2", but under that name I can't find anything on the web. I also tried Head Razor, but that just gets me a page that sells hair extentions in flashy colors, lol!

Head Razor 2, Head Racing and multiple variants of it didn't get me anywhere either. Why is it that the single time I actually pay attention to advertising on TV, I can't find the product it promotes?

Keeping busy

Managed to wake up today after only a few hours of sleep - went to bed late and then started reading Psychic Warrior (David Morehouse) up to page 44. It was somewhere around 04h30 or so when I switched off my light and fell asleep.

Did some shopping and general maintenance in the apartment today, off to watch the news now and then finish my recorded episode of The Block as a new episode airs today unless I'm mistaken. Sven and Sally are quite a lot of fun :p

The game is on...

I just got notice that the JPEG/GDI+ exploit that I talked about a few posts back has appeared on usenet, more specifically on some adult newsgroups such as alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.transsexuals, a*.b*.pictures.erotica.transexual, a*.b*.p*.e*.transexual.action, a*.b*.p*.e*.transsexual, a.b.erotica.beanie-babies, a*.b*.e*.breasts, a*.b*.e*.christy-canyon, a*.b*.e*.fetish, a*.b*.e*.original.sin and alt.binaries.erotica.pornstar.

No need to believe the attempted exploit use will remain limited to these newsgroups. Apart from that, the exploited JPEG file can (and probably will) be renamed to for instance .bmp or .gif without affecting the usability. In other words, when you receive or download a exploited JPG that has been renamed to .bmp, windows (and the vulnerable GDI+ DLL) will still treat the file as JPG, with the potentially devastating results.

Please make sure your virusscanner is up-to-date and includes images in its scans, install SP2 if you're running Windows XP and haven't done so yet, as well as patch all Office programs through Office Update. Putting Outlook and Outlook Express in plain text mode won't hurt either, as it'll prevent (infected?) images to be loaded from the internet without your interference.

More info on the current events can be found here : JPEG/GDI+ Exploit appears on Easynews (plain text file).


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A couple of days ago I ran across a description that a Pisces did about herself and the same description totally matched me. So I threw the same into a Pisces only group discussion and most people agreed with it.

Does this mean that an astrological sign really has connections to certain characteristics, or jus that the descriptions used in horoscopes for instance are so vague that anyone can recognize themselves in it?

I also came across this description for people born in Mach, but I found that to be less accurate - it actually seems vague enough to fit anyone.

Attractive personality - sexy - Affectionate* - Shy and reserved* - Secretive* - Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic* - Loves peace and serenity* - Sensitive to others - Loves to serve others - Easily angered - Trustworthy* - Appreciative and returns kindness* - Observant and assesses others* - Revengeful - Loves to dream and fantasize* - Loves traveling - Loves attention* - Hasty decisions in choosing partners - Loves home decors - Musically talented - Loves special things - Moody

The characteristics that really fit me are marked with an asterisk, and looking at the list, that's not too much, is it? Do other statements in the list also fit me? Let me know!

Boring entry about my morning

As I left for work this morning, I didn't feel too tired, yet a series of events make me believe I was quite tired nonetheless. It all started when I attempted to punch out at work. I looked at the timeclock and noticed it was set to OUT - which is the correct setting if you want to punch out. In fact, I changed it to IN and then proceeded to wave ma badge in front of it, of course resulting in an error. I changed it back to OUT and tried again, but it threw up a fault once more.

I went back inside and had one of the colleagues check my timeregistration for me and surely enough, it didn't register my attempt to check out. Back to the clock for another attempt, only resulting in more failures. Checked at the front again, still no change. Back onto the site to attempt checking out at another timeclock, and after yet another failed attempt to check out, I changed it to check in, badged and it worked. A minute later I checked out. Finally, I had already wasted about 10 minutes if not more with this crap.

I drove back to the front and checked with the colleagues and it had now registered both the in registration as well as the out registration. Time to go home. Unfortunately, I forgot to badge out - all the other badge attempts before were time related, not entrance related - and I realized it while driving home. (Fixed that by phone this afternoon.)

When I got home, I found a parkingspot, not too far from my place, but as I got out I noticed some signs prohibiting parking from 07h00 till 18h00. One of them was turned around though, indicating it was no longer in service, but the other one wasn't. Instead of risking my chance to wake up and find my car towed, I backed out of the spot again in search for another one. Finally found one at the end of the street. Forgot my cellphone in the car, on the front passenger seat in plain sight. I didn't realize it though till I woke up a few minutes after 16h00 so I just walked over to pick it up and it was still there, no windows smashed or anything. Phew.

Off for my last shift in just over 2.5 hours - it's about time for it to be the last one for now...


If it it me getting old and grumpy, or just them being total fools? Or the combination of the two? The text below is an entry I came across, written by an 18 year old. I left typo's and errors uncorrected in order to keep the authenticity of the text.

Well... I went to the Evolve festival. It was honestly one of the best expereinces of my life. I was amazed by everything. The first night we got there I hung out mostly with Vern. We had taken thr same pill and we're enjoying the same buzz. It was really different than usually. I didn't really dance cause I was way too interested in the trails and just walking around. I took another pill when my buzz wore off and we went to bed at 8. I slept for 2 hours and woke up feeling sick. Vern doesn't want me to do coke, so when he left I hid and snorted a line. He came back and I felt a little better. But I still needed food. So we went to the mall nearby and ate. When we came back I did some mesc and some more coke. We hung out all day in the tent talking to people walking by. At 8 I took my first pill of the night. Vern and P-L wanted to sleep a bit, so I left with Jeff. We talked and walked around. By the time I got back to Vern at 12, I had already taken 2 more pills. He said he would join us later and we went dancing. The music was AWESOME. I wish I knew who the DJ was... Anyways, I took another 2 pills. I was loving it! Vern never came to join us, so I went looking for him. He had done 5 grams of shrooms and was really fucked up, so I let him sleep. It was now 3 AM and I took another pill. I met some guy who had just done Acid for the first time... it was cool. I didn't sleep all night. The next morning I took another 2 pills. We hung out all day and that night I took a pill, and some guy offered me a line of MDMA free. So we partied all night again.

This was the best thing I have ever done. It was crazy!

So... is it me, or is it them?

Holy F*!


As I was reading P-Magazine at work two days ago, I stumbled upon their "Lezeres voor de Lens" section. Basically they shoot one of the magazine's female readers and publish some photos of her in the next edition. I was totally blown away by this months shoot of Sophia Osier. (Photographs are not yet available on the P-Magazine site as I write this entry, but I'll link/post some when they are!)

Not only does she look simply stunning, then I started reading her "data sheet" so to speak. She's 26, has animals (exotic fish, a cat) and lives in the same town as I do. She's got a son that takes up quite some of her time resulting in her not being a total party animal and her sign is Pisces. She either goes with the flow, or goes directly against it. About her character she says : "I'm very easy going and fun to deal with, but if you cross the line I can really come down hard on you."

She's currently in a relationship :( - and has been so for 3 years and looks kind of innocent which helps her hide her true nature (those are her own words).

My ideal guy has brown hair, and is a bit rough on the edges, and that can be quite extreme too. I like a guy with lots of tattoos and piercings, as long as he's got a great sense of humor too!

Why don't I meet lovely ladies like her? She seems to have it all... And she reflects the Pisces sign very well, I'm exactly the same.

The day JPEG images stopped being secure


Buffer Overrun in JPEG Processing (GDI+) Could Allow Code Execution (833987)

I am NOT joking here people. Against popular belief that receiving and displaying images on a windows OS is safe, it is no longer. To make things worse, POC has been released so we can expect quite some worms and virusses using this exploit in the next days/weeks.

A full list of products affected can be found amongst others in the Secunia bulletin.

If you run windows XP, and haven't updated to SP2, this might be a good time to do it. If you can't/won't, at least check the affected software list, and install those patches.

Update 2004-09-24 : According to an article in The Register, an exploit toolkit for this vulnerability has been spotted in the wild!

Wow... could this be true?


This morning I went to fill up the fuel tank of my car. I had been paying some attention to the way I drove over the past week(s) and never exceeded 120km/h, mostly sticking to speeds between 100 and 110.

I used to have a consumption of about 10.5 liter per 100 km before, but going by the figures I got this morning, it seems I brought back my consumption to about 7.6 liter per 100 km. Quite a difference if you ask me. To make sure this ain't just a fluke, I'm gonna stick to that 100-110 km/hour speed during this tank of fuel as well to see if my calcuations are confirmed.

If so, I would be able to cut back my fuel cost with about € 40,- euro per month, or about 22% - always a good thing considering the ever rising cost of fuel...

Sleep needed...

Just got home after an uneventful night, which made it quite hard to state awake and focussed. I hope the people two floors down don't renovate today - at least not with a noisy powerdrill - so I can catch up on some sleep. Oh, and please don't call me!

Everybody hates me today


Keeping in mind that I got up kinda early on monday (round 12h00) I lacked sleep already and met the man with the hammer early this morning around 04h00. Luckily my last round woke me up again, so I got home safely. Upon arriving home, checking mail and preparing to head off to bed, I suddenly heard a fearsome noise : someone was using a powerdrill at 08h00 in the morning. This continued until well after 09h15 while I tried to fall asleep.

Around 10h05 the phone ran, so I snapped out of my dozing and picked up the phone. Some stupid lady that "thought" she had the wrong number. Well, I could have guaranteed her that she had the wrong number but instead I remained civil. Back off to bed.

12h05, the phone rings again. I once again wake up, walk over to the phone and pick it up. Some crappy telemarketeer trying to convince me to switch to another carrier (Tele2). I gently tell the lady to piss off and go back to bed.

I just fail to fall back asleep it seems and give up around 14h45. I think I've had about 3, maybe 4 hours of solid sleep... this is gonna be bad.

Luckily, Pandora still likes me, or at least the "place". Thanks for the kind words, I think they might help me thtough this day and night.

They work hard for my money

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I - finally - received the details for the paycheck I got on september 8th, splitting up every hour worked and such in August 2004.

However, it wasn't just that... The envelope also contained :

a revision for the statement of July 2004
a revision of a revision for the statement of May 2004
a revision for statement of April 2004

In other words, I got 1 regular statement and 3 revisions, try getting a clear view on that! I just spent about an hour going over all the changes and updates and as far as I can see, it's all correct(ed) now. I do expect getting a revised version of August with the statement of September though - not because something is wrong as far as I can see, but because they're used to it :)

Now I'm off to the bank to deal with them.


Thanks everyone for the numerous book suggestions I received over the past days! I was barely able to wrestle myself through the huge pile of suggestions, all in all amounting to extactly ZERO, nill, nada.

No comments, no suggestions, just a lot of nothing. Either you people can't read - in that case I really wonder what you're doing here, you don't care - again I wonder about your presence here, or you just are too lazy to lift a finger or kickstart a braincell.

I just ordered myself three new books, so at least someone is doing something interesting. I could write what books I ordered but I doubt it would register in your pea-sized brain, let alone trigger a reaction, so I'm not even gonna waste time doing so.

I can recommend one book though for you : Life for Dummies.
Chapter One : Breath and Breathing. Breathe In - Breathe Out.

On second thought I'm not gonna recommend it to you and in fact let the problem solve itself. Yes, I am that bitter today... It's a true wake-up call to have proof that 95% of the readers of this blog are morons or lazy fucks that care about little more than their soap on TV.

Idool 2004 Uncensored

I've missed most of the Idool 2004 hype so far this year, and in fact didn't pay any attention to any of the preselections, but as I was watching TV tonight, I came across an episode featuring 10 of the 30 final contenders.

The people that were in tonight's episode were :

Ingrid : had to kick the show off and was pretty nerveous. She underperformed as in it was too static for the song she did.

Jessie : a very mature and solid performance. Has a very warm and soothing voice.

Sabine : Quite stunning although she lacked a bit of "clarity" in her voice to bring a (difficult) song like "The Rose" from Bette Midler. Impressive for her 16 years of age though. Might be too "light" to stand up to the others at this point in life.

Leslie : Looks like a 1930's player to me, but his singing was ok.

Toon : Started nicely but went totally overboard in every line past that first one. Not a contender according to me.

Robby : Does anyone remember that contender in one of the previous shows that had to flap her hands behind her ears to be able to sing? If Robby does that, he flies away. Sure, I admit that it's a low blow but I had to have something to notice while he attempted to sound like Barry White. And failed.

Siham : I don't doubt the fact that she can technically sing quite well, but she's got a terribly stuck up attitude. Unless that changes considerably, she's out for me.

Joeri : this bloke can sing and should return in one of the next episodes, possibly all the way up to the finals.

Born : Looks like a total nerd, but tries to use that different look to his advantage. His performance could use a bit more "swing", though his singing was good.

Sarah : Sang "My Immortal" from Evanescence, which is a hard song to do, especially when cut back to just over a minute. She did totally wonderful though and she has this look/attitude that just makes you long for more.

The three that should pass into the next round if you ask me :

Sarah, Jessie and Joeri.

Let the voting and flaming begin!

Update : I got 2 out of 3 correct, not too bad if you ask me. Jessie came in at 4th place so only barely missed the finals this time, and Joeri and Sarah are in as I predicted. Born was the winner.

Industrial Fans, attention!

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I don't know if you know the following DJ's and their shows yet, but if you don't, make sure you check them out.

DJ Morgana has a weekly industrial/EBM/Goth radio show, and alternates with DJ RaZoRGrrl. Both of these fine ladies are also active in TiK Distro if I'm not mistaken. They offer a nice collection of EBM/Industrial CD's through TiK Distro from bands you'd probably not hear from otherwise, and their shows have MP3 as well as RealPlayer downloads and streams for your enjoyment.

If you're looking for a European up and coming label that keeps on growing, check out the Belgium based Alfa Matrix and especially their awesome compilation CD's. When it comes to magazines, all Dutch fans should take a look at Dark Entries, as they just celebrated their 50th issue with 2 free CD's!

Shelley pointed out Jordan Reyne's new album called Passenger, which is a bit more vocal and has - in my opinion - less of a "wall of sound" appearance than most of the EBM/Industrial music I listen to, but it's a nice album with some softer edges.

Kryptonite for your precious bike

Do you remember that Superman was vulnerable to Kryptonite? It rendered him weak and powerless, but today it seems Kryptonite has met it's own Kryptonite and it's simply called "bic".

Of course, now we are no longer talking about Superman or the Kryptonite material used in the movies and comics, but about the Kryptonite brand of U-locks, often used to "protect" your bike.

Take a look at the video (windows media format, 605KB) and see how a simple bic unlocks a quite expensive Kryptonite lock, no doubt also resulting in your expensive bike being stolen.

More info and videos over at

Words mean nothing

Cointreau Ice TeaThe drink on the left, combined with Eminem & D12 (My words are weapons), Eminem ft. Dido (Stan) and things like Elton John & Kiki Dee (Don't go breaking my heart), Enigma (Principles of Lust), Epsilon Minus (Double Trigger), Eurythmics (It's alright, baby's coming back) and Sisters are doing it for themselves can only mean one thing in the middle of the night :

I'm drunk. Well I'm not yet, but I might be soon. Why? I dunno coz being drunk doesn't really mean a lot to me, but I just felt like having a nice ice-cold large Cointreau Ice Tea... (and a second one - I'd have a third one too, but I ran out of icecubes) in a Hoegaarden pint nonetheless!

You know what's fun to do at night? Pissing three stories down from your balcony, facing the street and standing in broad view of a street light that stands almost in front of your apartment. It's less fun when the cops drive by and stop to ask all kinds of questions.

Go me!

OK, so the cops didn't stop to ask questions. They drove straight on, they probably weren't looking for the mystery balcony pisser. Phew!

I received this spam mail with the subject "You can help yourself" so I spanked my monkey till it puked. Only then did I realize it was advertising for some mortgage crap. Nowadays you can't even trust spam anymore :(

Oh, if you want/need a gmail account, leave a comment you sicko. I've got a couple more to spread.

What gives?

I wonder who came up with the limitation on transferring money through an ATM to a certain limit per day. I just tried transferring €1035 to another account but it didn't let me. Instead it complained about a daily limit beind exceeded, although I didn't transfer anything else today. Why do banks think they can hold my money ransom? I pay them every year for the service they provide, they make money using my money, yet I am not allowed to do with it what and when I want.

I'm simply stunned. Especially because I can pick up the phone and use the phonebanking system, and it lets me transfer much higher amounts to accounts not based at the same bank without problem. The only difference is that I can't enter whatever description I like over the phone, otherwise I'd have used that option for sure.

In fact, I wonder why they treat it differently? In both cases there is a trail that leads from one account to another, so the money can hardly "disappear" in thin air, can it? I can (partially) understand a cash withdrawal limit to avoid people being held up and forced to empty their accounts, but transfers from one account to another, give me a break, will you?

I'll be talking to the bank about that on monday, it's a good thing I'm working nights next week so I can spend my time working around stupid decisions made by others.

Wanna read my mail?

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No thanks. I've been playing around with PGP a bit, or should I say GPG/gnuPG to be correct? After reading some messages in a Eudora newsgroup I decided to check out the plugin again and reinstall gnuPG - I had it installed before but never really used it.

As of today, I think I'll be signing my outgoing messages so people that receive them can verify their authenticity. Encrypting mail is not yet an option as no one I know uses PGP/GPG let alone knows anything about it as far as I'm aware.

Of course you can say that there is no need at all to sign, let alone encrypt regular mail because I don't have anything to hide, on the other hand... what's the problem if I do? Why should anyone be upset that I encrypt and protect my mail? It doesn't affect you, does it, unless maybe you were interested in the content of it from the beginning :p

Links : gnuPG - PG plugin for Eudora - Intro to Crypto (PDF format)

Bodies and Investments

Isn't it wonderful how our bodies focus on the most needed necessity first, putting everything else into the background? Allow me to explain :

Yesterday morning (around 04h30), I had a tiny bit to eat before I left for work. When I came back from work (15h00), I ate a bit more but only to "survive" till later in the evening when I was planning to have a nice meal. I woke up this morning around 08h00, and had once again skipped a meal. I'm having food as I write this, but it amazes me that my body just put aside the hunger feeling and instead told me to go to bed and catch up on sleep.

I really needed that, as I was already lacking sleep on monday evening and only today am sort of caught up. In fact, I'm quite certain I'm missing some parts of the drive home from work yesterday. Which is rather scary if you combine "small lanes", "small car" and "huge trucks" with "lack of sleep".

Anyway, I've gotta take the fuzzies over to the vet later this afternoon for their shots and I might stop at the pub for a game of tablesoccer, although I'm not yet certain about that.

The investment project I was working on has been delayed for an indefinite amount of time due to the - understandable personal reasons- backing out of one possible investor, so if you want to invest or know more about the idea, hit me up for details. The minimal investment would be around 2k (maximum 3k), with a payback time of maximum 10 years and a nice yearly net profit without risks to you, as I'll be carrying those.

If you're interested, get in touch with me. If you don't have my personal e-mail address or phone number, you are probably not an option for me as an investor. Yes, this means I'm only looking to work with people that I know close and personally.


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I really feel like going back to bed and not caring who's gonna be influenced or pissed off about it. I think I'm suffering from a chronic shortage of sleep and I'm not really catching up. Sleeping 5 to six hours maximum and working 8 to 10 hours, something is wrong with that comparison.

I'm really not looking forward to today, but in the end, I'll survive. Tomorrow is another day of work and then I've got till monday night to get caught up. I've got other things to do too though, so it won't be just sleeping, unfortunately.

Hey, there is good news too... the carpetsharks are back home since yesterday!


what was I about to write again? I just remembered what it was I still wanted to share with the world, when a slightly older comment to an even older post needed attention first.

Aaahhh... I got it. As some of you might recall - did I actually write about this? - I've got the wonderful intention of buying/building a bookshelf to bring out the significant collection of books I've got. Alas, I don't have enough books to fill the damn thing I believe, so I need your suggestions! What books have you enjoyed, are you reading now, or do you think I should read?

Here's a very short list of books I recently read or have read in the past: "Cunt : A declaration of Independence", "De 7 eigenschappen van effectief leiderschap", "The Last War - Detective Ferrets and the case of the Golden Deed", Body Bizarre and Body Beautiful", "Aardlicht", Bloody Bones", "Stupid White Men", "Het kind dat zijn vader met een zaterdag verwisselde", "Microserfs", "Return of the Tribal", "Bodies of Subversion", "Hey Nostradamus", "Generation X", "Water Wars", "No Logo", ....

I think it speaks for itself that I read books in Dutch (my mothertongue) as well as in English, so if you think of a book you really enjoyed but it is only available in one of those languages, that shouldn't be a problem. If you want to go a step further and not only recommend me a book, but have me read more books as well, feel free to take a look at my Wishlist.

New Releases

POPFile 0.22.0 - Excellent local mail proxy to deal with spam (released 2004-09-08)
BSplayer 1.02.812 - Superb freeware replacement for mediaplayer (released 2004-09-14)
Firefox 1.0PR - Alternative browser and my all time favorite (released 2004-09-14)

Additional Notes
Firefox - Be advised that the newest Firefox release might not support your older extentions, or that a newer version of those extentions is not yet available. If you actively need and use extentions, check first and possibly delay the upgrade.
BSPlayer - check out the excellent Desktop mode that BSplayer has - it'll allow you to play pornmovies* on your desktop (in the background) while still being able to do regular tasks and have everything else available. This might be the ultimate Windows Media Player killer. * It also can play regular movies in desktop mode, but those are less fun :)
POPFile - Faster, more stable and all of it without dropping accuracy. Upgrade takes a few minutes if you've got a large corpus.


I'm back from Durbuy and while the weekend was tons of fun - and we were very lucky with the weather too - I'l glad to be home again. The activities, tons of people and litres of booze start to wear on one on day number 4.

I might post more later, possibly including some pictures, but it could take a few days since I'll be quite busy till friday at least. I must say however that I was very pleasantly suprised by someone who I've known for a couple of years, yet never really got to know better. We had some long talks that lastet till the early hours of the day and those were pretty interesting.

What's the number 1326, you might ask? The amount of mail that was waiting for me when I got home after being gone for just over 4 days. Oh, the joy of e-mail...


I'm expecting my sister to show up any minute now and then we're off to Grobbendonk where we meet with Joco & Eef and then we drive on to Durbuy for the weekend. We'll probably return monday morning or afternoon which will most likely be decided depending on the weather. The forcasts suck balls but as we all know, they are not always so correct. Let's hope for a couple of more days of sun, although I'd already be happy without rain.


I better head off to bed

as I still have to pack everything before I leave tomorrow morning. I just got back from dinner - I had a very nice mixed grill pita dish, and being a good boy I didn't put salt on my fries - and I'm getting tired.

Off I go!

Note : It's quite possible that I won't be able to blog again till monday afternoon or something like that. It's not because I disappeared from the face of the earth, but because this weekend more important things - like friends - are being erm... enjoyed. Which is good, not to say fabulous. I do already miss my carpetsharks though, which is bad. And it's only been 11 hours or so since I've cuddled them.

Things to do


I've got to drop the fuzzies off before I go to work but as it's in the same direction that shouldn't be a problem. I'll miss them, even if it's only for the 4 days that they'll be gone.

When I had that little battery problem a couple of days ago, it apparently also fucked up my radio - or maybe I did? When I turned it back on, it asked for a code... what fucking code? I don't know anything about a code, and as a result of me tapping all kinds of keys on it, it now greets me with a display nicely showing "EEE" and not a squeek from it. I've got another radio laying around though so I might change them - If I can figure out all the connections that is.

I should pack tonight after I get home 'coz we're leaving early'ish tomorrow. Hope the bad weather is delayed a bit as the forcasts seem quite "interesting". I don't mind riding a quad through tons of water and mud, well on the contrary it's a ton of fun, but golfing while being soaked seems not as enjoyable.

Doing stuff

Just called the vet to reschedule my appointement as I got the dates I need to work yesterday and of course wednesday wouldn't suit me. Appointement changed to friday the 19th.

I'm doing laundry right now - in preparation of our little weekend in Durbuy - since I won't have too much time to spare before friday morning. Tomorrow I drop the fuzzies off at the hotel in the morning, possibly do a bit of shopping and then head off to work.

I don't know exactly what activities we've got lined up for the weekend but I think it consists of a treasure hunt, BBQ, quad riding, a gigantic maze, lots of booze and even more fun.

Next week I hope to find out more in regard to a little investement opportunity I've been working on, and then decide whether or not it's feasable at this point in time, whether I need more/other investors or just postpone it for a couple of months. It would be nice to be able to go ahead though...

I learn new things every day...

It seems that not even Volvo batteries survive when you leave the headlights of your car on for over 12 hours. Well, at least that's my experience as I found my car totally dead this morning around eleven. Not a squeek, dashboardlight, nothing.

I called over to Joco's place and luckily enough he was home - although that luck seems to be relative as he was still experiencing erm... excretions of an less favorable kind - and he had a pair of starter cables in his car. Unfortunately, Eef was out shopping with the car and she didn't have her mobile phone with her. Anyway, Eef showed up - thanks a lot for that! - a few minutes past twelve and within minutes my car was revived.

I thanked her, drove over to my place, left the car running, ran inside, grabbed my work outfit and ran back outside and drove over to work. By the time I got there the battery had recharged enough to safely stop the engine and be able to start it again later.

What a day...

Some real estate agents


have a better sense of humor than others. Take a look at this image, which was put online to facilitate the sale of a property located 117 Tuscany Way - Danville, CA 94506.

Selling real estate... Click to enlarge

Sure looks classy, doesn't it? Not really my kind of decoration but I can imagine that some people like it like that way.

Now look outside the window (click image to enlarge) :p

Playing catch-up

The guy I mailed about 10 days ago tried calling me yesterday but I was at work. I'll have to call him back later today or somewhere during the week.

Thanks to my sis I recall that I totally forgot to book a cage for my three fuzzies for the upcoming (long) weekend. I'll get right to it otherwise I'll be having a bit of a problem. Gotta call the vet too for an appointement.

Update : the ferret hotel is booked for my three carpetsharks from thursday morning to tuesday. Just got off the phone with the vet and I've got an appointement to bring them in for their shots on wednesday around 15h00.

My mind does not compute

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I just stumbled upon the blog of someone who is obviously quite religious and honestly, I just can't wrap my head around it. Let's see what they write in their last entry :

Last night as I worked with the 5/6th graders, my friend who leads the class talked to them about prayer requests. She told me I needed to put "we need a car" in the box. I did. As she went through each prayer request, she got to the car one and told the kids, we know God answers prayers and we are going to pray for a car. She said every time you see a car, you say "God can provide a car!"

Now... who thinks God provides cars, raise your hand. Last time I checked, car manufacturers make cars, car designers design cars, dealers sell cars, and you buy them with money you (usually) worked for. Nowhere in the equation I see any notice or pointer to someone or something that resembles a god.

Followed a bit further in the entry (these actually are the closing words) by :

God is good. All the time. Thank you Lord for the blessings in our lives. A home, pets (3 cats), a truck to drive while we look for a car, a job, incredible friends and church family. I'm thankful for the rainbow we just saw. The one that means God will never flood the earth again. This is a good thing to remember as it rains. :o)

"God is good." I can't nor won't argue about that, as for me there is no point in arguing about something I don't believe exists. Rainbows that mean that "God" will never flood the earth again are next. Tell that to all the people that were flooded and had their homes and the little belongings they had washed away. I bet they'll have a totally different understanding of this "God" creature.

What happened to believing in yourself, making decisions on your own and standing by them? No, instead every little thing that goes wrong is blamed onto someone else (Satan for instance?) and everything that is considered good is attributed to God.

Wake up people. If "God" is omnipresent, created the world, sees everything and spreads good and defeats evil, explain to me several hundreds of dead children in Beslan, a continuous fight between Israeli and Palestinians, not to mention all the terrors the Christians have committed in the Dark Ages.

Don't get me wrong : if you feel the need to believe in a unknown, never seen, very vague "presence", go ahead. Just don't expect me to actually think of you as a totally sane person. You can pray for me if you want to :)

Browser usage overview

I just stumbled upon a document that lists browser usage statistics over the year, as well as a short history for each browser. Maybe a bit too Geeky for the average internet user, but mighty interesting nonetheless if you ask me!

Browser Usage Overview

Just keep in mind that you cannot just rely on statistics, because they can often be misleading.

Never home it seems.

It seem that teh days I ain't working - I'm still working. I'm off to go fix someone's computer. Apparently they also have been hit by a spam flood (105 messages from people he doesn't know - I call that a tiny wave, not a flood) and he needs a renewal for his virusscanner and things like that.

Off I go!

Update : I'm home again. The spam flood was nothing worse than some idiots not truely grasping the way a mailinglist works.

Met lijst of flietjes?

I just ordered some excellent chinese food at the local restaurant called Mei Mei House. I've been ordering from them for the past 6 years or so, as they've got good prices and superb food - and now I'm off to pick it up as they replied "ovel een kwaltieltje?" when I asked how long it would take to prepare.

Looking at violations


Spent most of my shift in the control room again, gaining more and more experience dealing with all kinds of calls, alarms and whatever is thrown at the operators. I was monitoring a roundabout on the site and counted 21 traffic violations in under 3 hours. And those were only the ones I actually saw happen, because I couldn't pay attention to the video feed all the time because I was handling more important alarms.

I wonder what is so hard about driving correctly? Do these people also take roundabouts the wrong way around on public roads - if so, I never want to meet any of them out there!

I've got some gmail invites left. Comment if you want one.


Just been on the phone with Little Wabbit for nearly 20 minutes 37 minutes, listening to fantastic stories about her trip. It was fun ;)

I think we (Little Wabbit, Esther, Steph and I) should get together again one of these days to catch up. So, ladies... what do you think?

A new month

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and also the first day of school for my godson Alex. Go read all about it on the Coulon family blog and look at some pictures too!

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