friedkitten.com is celebrating... when I started this blog exactly 3 years ago, I didn't think it would take off like it did. Close to 36.000 unique visitors, over 2000 comments and over 1800 posts made.

In order to reward you, the readers that keep on coming back, I've decided to give away a CD (and some stickers). Now, who should I award this CD to? I decided to include everyone who left feedback on the last 100 posts, and here is the list of people that are competing :

Ashtronaut (USA) [1]
Joco (Belgium) [2]
Little Wabbit (Belgium) [3]
Tine (Belgium) [4]
Zwork (Belgium) [5]
ChefQuickx (USA?) [6]
Sheilah (USA?) [7]
Heather (USA) [8]
Sara (Belgium) [9]
nongirlfriend (USA) [10]
Diosa (USA) [11]
"S" (???) [12]
Jess (Belgium) [13]
Nadia (Belgium) [14]
Bugs (???) [15]
Phyre Bitzshe (USA) [16]
Shelley (New Zealand) [17]
Dimi (Belgium) [18]
Smeg (USA) [19]
Fiona (???) [20]
Jay (UK) [21]
Zoe (Belgium) [22]

That's 1 chance in 22 you've got to win! Now I'll have to find a fair way to pick a number out of the range 1-22... I think I'll have my ferrets help me out with that later this week. Keep an eye open for the announcement of the winner!


22 ppl ?

you know a darts board has 20 nrs, a green bull and a red bull, makes 22!!!!!

22 ppl ?

you know a darts board has 20 nrs, a green bull and a red bull, makes 22!!!!!

Have I really blabbed that much on here? :)

I really hope your ferrets love me very much. I guess I know what cd the winner gets ;-)
You told me something about it.

Why couldn't you make that cd the price off your question yesterday? I knew the answer to that one!!

Joco : nice try, but I don't consider playing darts fair when the appointed numbers are known beforehand.

Smeg : you didn't babble that much on here, but enough in the past 100 posts to qualify :p

Jess : asking questions you know some people know the answer to upfront is not fair either. Anyway, I just wanted to know who actually reads the posts anyway...

Cool idea!! What cd is it??
Jess tell me! lol
Well, the darts board is a pretty good idea, but you could change it a bit. Hang the names of all the people on the wall and just throw a dart at it lol

Why go through all this trouble. Just pick me, much easier :-)

Lol, it's incredible, so much feedback and comments all of a sudden :)

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