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Food calls

It's been a slow day at the "office". Spent most of my shift behind the rows of monitors in the control room (as control room operator 2), taking calls and alarms and reacting as needed. More of the same tomorrow, although I'll do a full shift there, so that means 8.5 hours without daylight - you get used to it though :)

I'm off to a restaurant in a few minutes to go celebrate my grandma's birthday - I picked up a nice bouquet of flowers for her to enjoy.

Thanks dad!

As I was listening to some music while playing solitaire, I suddenly realized one thing : I've got my pretty broad appreciation for music to thank to my dad. When I was quite young, he introduced me to fabulous artists and bands of various styles and scenes.

I guess that still shows and makes me appreciate most styles. While some things I think sound like screaming for a bullet to end their pain, I listen to pretty much anything. Let's see what's on my current playlist. Mind you, this just happens to be a quick and dirty selection of the tracks I had around that start with an "S" - well the performers I mean.

The artists that are in bold I certainly know thanks to my dad, but I assure you, the list is much longer and includes Black Sabbath, Carlos Santana, and lots and lots of Jazz too!

Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
Salt 'n Pepa - "Let's talk about sex" & "Push it"
Samantha Fox - Touch me
The Sandpipers - Guantanamera
Sandie Shaw - Puppet on a String
Santana - 7 tracks, (3 Live versions)
Scoop - Drop it
Scooter - 4 tracks
Sean Paul - Get Busy
S'express - Theme from S'express
Shaggy - It wasn't me
Shocking Blue - Venus
Sonny & Cher - I got you babe
Soultans - Every Little Move
Spice Girls - Stop
Status Quo - What you're proposing
Stealers Wheel - Stuck In the middle with you
Sugababes - Round round

Catching up

Let's see... yesterday I came home after work - and shopping for the ferrets, but more about that later - and after I had read my mail and goofed around on the web a bit, I felt pretty sleepy. I went to lay down on my bed around 17h30 and next thing I know it's 23h30 or so. I kinda knew this would happen so I didn't really mind. I tucked myself in, decided to skip evening dinner altogether and drifted off again.

Around 00h30 a neighbor decided to have a party or something like that because he started blasting Bob Marley through the speakers, for all the neighborhood to enjoy. I recall it getting 01h30 and it seems like the music had stopped. Oh well, it didn't really bother me as I had enough sleep already. Got up a few minutes past four and headed off to work around 5.

Now... it's a good thing I went shopping for the fuzzies yesterday it seems. When I arrived they were down to their last 3 (small, 2kg) bags of food and down to the last bag of litter. I purchased it all :) They don't expect new food to come in before the 8th of september or something around that date, and I'm certain the remainder of the food I had wouldn't have lasted that long.

Oh... I've got 1 Gmail invite left. If you're interested, yell in the comments. If more than one person is interested, the first one to reply will get it, the others will be served when I get more invites.


It's too early to get all irritated by the lack of response of a certain company. At least now I know it took them nearly 11 hours to read the mail I've sent them yesterday around noon, but that is all. They read it, but chose not to reply to me.

Off to work.

Go fuck yourself, yes, you!

After getting up way early, I've slowed down to an almost negative pace. The past three of four hours I've done exactly nothing and I think I might be exaggerating :)

Sent off a mail for information about some things, but go figure that they fail to reply to me now. Yes, I admit it... I'm one of those broadband people that demands instant satisfaction, replies and gratification.

I think I'll either go to the shop and make a ton of spaghetti sauce later on, or vacuum the apartment. Both thing need to be done, but I'm quite convinced I'll only do one of them - or none if I don't feel like it. (I have vacuumed a part of the place so far, AND reclassified 13 books. I have to find a solution for all my books though)

However, first I'm gonna reply to a mail that someone sent me a while ago and tell them that he can go fuck himself. Just for fun, really. (Done!)

Off to an early start

Been awake since a few minutes past 7 and off to do stuff in a very short while. I start working again tomorrow so I have to do some shopping as well. Might check out some other things while returning home, but not sure yet as it largely depends on traffic.

Oh, new mix (63 minutes and a bit) over at DJ Testosterone. As always available in 128kbits MP3 format for your enjoyment.


I feel like I'm about to fall over any second now, so if this post is unexpectedly interrupted you know why. I've not done much special today apart from playing Transport Giant for a few hours, installed SP2 and a new firewall, cleaned out a bunch of programs I don't use anymore - or at least not often enough to stay on the disk - in the mean time I did 3 machines of laundry, changed the sheets on my bed, entertained the ferrets, watched G.I. Jane on TV and made food (and ate it).

I've noticed quite a few visitors lately that were looking for information about "Your bluetooth software license does not include use with this Bluetooth device. [6]", so I'll throw a link in to that post for their benefit, but I want to point out that the search function on this site works. I've even moved to higher on the page to make it more visible and easier to access.

That's about it for today people, off to bed now. Oh, and welcome back in Belgium, Little Wabbit! I've missed you a lot ;-)

Zero-day exploits


Over the past years we've heard tons of stories, seen about a zillion patches and updates for all kinds of programs and there have always been exploits around. However, there usually was quite some time in between the date the problem became known and they date exploits (other than POC) were found and used.

In the last year we've seen this timeframe diminish to sometimes as little as a couple of days, and more and more "zero-day" exploits are being reported. If you ask me, it's due to the fact that in order to keep their lucrative business running, malware authors need to exploit everything they can. While each day new and unprotected computers become available for infection and abuse, an ever growing number gets fixed, secured and patched as well. This leaves the abusers a smaller number of "easy targets" and in order to compete and deliver what they are paid for, they revert to more aggressive tactics.

Now... how does that affect you? It's very simple : if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. This means that it's gonna be a neccesity - it even is one today - to be aware of exploits, patches and available updates, even if you're just a user, Joe Average.

How? By signing up (for free) for some low volume security related newsletters, by browsing specialized sites and becoming aware of the fact that security is no longer a matter for specialists alone. You can find some links below, those are a good start I'd say.

Oh, if you wonder why I post this right now, here's the answer : 0-day exploit for winamp.

Note : While windows XP SP2 hasn't been giving me any trouble so far, tuning the new firewall I installed (not the one included in SP2) seems to be a pain in the ass. Well, better a pain in the ass than a firewall with holes in it by default. I'm punching holes right now, to get everything allowed that needs access.

Update 2004-08-27 : according to discussions in the winamp forums, there should be a release of winamp 5.05 (or 5.04x depending on whether or not other functionality/fixes are included or not) should be released soon. Another noteworthy point is that not only IE might be a mitigating factor for infection, nor is it necessary to have winamp running to possibly be infected.

Off the deep end

Since SP2 was released to the masses today - it's available on windowsupdate - I'll be installing it shortly. If you don't see/read/hear from me back today, something must gave gone seriously wrong. Otherwise, I'll be back in an hour or so.

While installing it, I'll have pizza (leftover from yesterday) and do laundry. I intent to make it a good day, no matter what :)

Update : So far so good. It took about 30 minutes to download and install SP2 and came in at a nice 95.3MB for my fully patched and updated system. I'm about to check the new additions/changes and then install new firewall software (and not use the built-in one).

Heather won the lottery!

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Oh, wait... we knew that already, didn't we? Well, then let's cheer because she just received her prize! (Cheer Cheer!)

And, as stipulated in the conditions, I present to you :

Heather from won the FK Celebration contest

(The lovely FK celebration winner : Heather, blogging at


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Ah, I thought that would catch your attention :) Still looking for it, are you? Let me tell you right away, this entry is about Gmail - which is sexy too, yet can't beat a foxy lady.

So, today I got an invite (thanks Ian!) for a Gmail account. I could have gotten one way earlier since I know quite a few people with accounts, but I didn't really think yet another e-mail address would benefit me, quite on the contrary. However, as I had some free time, I decided to go check it out anyway, and going by what I've seen so far it's up to par with the excellent Google quality we know and expect.

I've not yet dug into their privacy policy - something I'm quite strict in though - but that's something I'll be doing asap. If I get some extra invites in my account and you wanna have one, just yell in the comment box and who knows...

Abortion - the war intensifies

Rolling Stone has this article about Anti-Abortion militants harassing the employees of a clinic that offers abortions. I suggest you read the full article first, since it will give you a better idea what these people are up to.

Since they were legally forced to stop blockading the abortion clinics, they now "aim to cut off the supply lines to abortion clinics and demoralize their troops." - in short, they make your life a living hell because you don't happen to support their idea on abortion. For these (often ultra-religious) people only one one point of view is acceptable, and anything or anyone that opposes them must be brought down.

I have no doubt that they'll manage to "convince" (terrorize) some employees into quitting their job, so they can claim that they've won a soul, saved a condemned one, or whatever they want to call it.

While I totally agree that if you can't take on the "enemy" itself, you should try to bring down it's support lines (basic guerilla tactics) in order to make it crumble before your very eyes, these people are blinded by their drive to stop abortion that they look past the possible consequences.

Right now we've got controlled environments where the procedure - which is not to be taken lightly, please read "Cunt : A declaration of Independence" by Inga Muscio if you have no clue - is performed by medical professionals. While one could argue that this still is not a good outcome for the fetus, the mothers' life is in much less danger, opposed to a D-I-Y abortion at home or in much less favorable conditions.

If you believe that scaring employees away from their jobs is the way to go, you actually cause more problems than you solve. Even if you don't like it, abortion is a part of this world, and I believe will still be an option in the distant future.

If this entry made you think - whether you are pro or anti abortion - it has done its purpose. I'm pro choice, pro believing in yourself and the decisions that one makes, and in favor of an openminded attitude. Need I say more?

And so one wonders

why a certain ISP has such a bad name amongst it's clients, let alone all the RBL's its mailservers are on.

Don't know what the crap I'm talking about? I just received a "personal" automated message from the "Internet Fraud Team" of my ISP, stating the following :

Thank you for your e-mail informing us that you have received spam in your electronic mailbox. To be able to properly handle your complaint, however, we will need additional information.

This is exactly why I know it's an automated reply. The complaint was about usenet spamming, not e-mail spam. (Score : 0 out of 1)

The address of the sender, in and of itself, is not reliable when it comes to determining where the spam came from. The reason is that the address is probably a phony one generated by the person sending the spam. What we require in order to be able to investigate are the so-called "properties" of these e-mails. To access the properties of an e-mail, right-click the e-mail's subject and select "Properties." Then click "Details" and "Message Source."

Duh... I know that, idiots. I do wonder however whether the Internet Fraud Team knows it too? They include instructions to find the "properties" of an e-mail - which it wasn't - for a mail client I don't use. (Score : 0 out of 3)

The Order in Council (royal decree) of 11 March 2003 implemented certain important changes in the law of which you should be aware. From now on, we must also have the body of the message in order to determine whether the conditions imposed under the law on "spamming" have been met. Thus we ask that from now on you please add the bodies of messages to the headers already requested.

Automated reply anyone? I did provide all headers, routing information and the body of the message. (Score : 1 out of 2 - for talking about a message, no longer about a mail. But I guess that was just a lucky coincidence.)

The next step then is to resubmit your complaint. Please do so using the forms on our portal, which you can access by clicking this link: Alternatively, you can resubmit your complaint by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

So I can get the same automated reply once more? No thanks, I've got better ways to waste my time. (Score : 0 out of 1)

Please include this information in your e-mail itself and not as attachments. In most cases, attachments are filtered out for security reasons, which could result in your complaint not being processed.

Finally something that makes sense. (Score 1 out of 1)

Please note that without the header and body of the message we will unfortunately be unable to handle your complaint.

I don't need further proof that even with all the correct information, you'll be unable to handle the complaint. But thanks for trying.

I've snipped off their phonenumber and other contact info, as they didn't really add anything more to a sadly lost cause.

Life, oh life...

Bleh, so much for good intentions, ain't it? I'm still awake and don't seem to be able to break out of my be-awake-at-night rythm. I tried not sleeping yesterday after work, so that I would be tired as hell in the evening, but just had to catch a few hours of sleep around 10, and it was of course 15h00 when I woke up again.

I'll have to give it another shot today, although I could go to bed now, and then already wake up around noon. That would give me about 5.5 to 6 hours of sleep - enough to be awake during the remainder of the day, yet too little to stay up too late at night.

Good idea, I'll try that. Pounds himself proudly on the chest, caveman like...


Just arrived, will be off for the next few days, starting again on saturday morning. Have to adapt to a new sleep schedule, which will suck bigtime. Otherwise everything fine.

Having a large chunk of tiramisu right now. Why? Because I can and because I felt like it. There you go. Millions of people starving in the world and here I am, eating tiramisu at 06h30 in the morning. Whatcha gonna do about it? No one comes between me and my food.

Thoughts From Within

PC Work - boring

I'm almost finished bringing my colleague's PC back to life. After those first 209 objects that Ad-Aware detected, the 40 entries in spybot SD, and the 19 virus/trojan horses, I updated detection rules and found another 42 spyware entries (and fixed them) scanned the machine one last time to catch 2 more trojan download files.

Patched it with 54 critical and important hotfixes, rebooted and installed another 22 optional patches. SP1 is out of the question since it seems the SN is blocked... maybe a key generator could be a solution to make sure the box is more secure?

In the mean time, my trusty MS Explorer IntelliMouse - which has served me well over the past 3 years - seems to be running into trouble more and more. It very frequently loses its USB connection, and then takes a few seconds to be detected again, or even requries a manual re-connect to enable it again. I think I'll have to get myself a new one, don't I?

8 mile, new shoes

Yo, all you peeps out there, do you recall the catch phraze from FK?

For those who don't, I seriously hope you're not having breakfast while casually browsing this blog. If you are, and you click the links, feel free to send me photographs of the breakfast table after you've puked all over it :)

24 hours a day is not enough

I picked up the car and paid the hefty bill - although it was about 10% less than expected - and then drove over to the supermarket to pick up 200 blank CD's. I should be set for the next 3 or four months :)

Off to make dinner quickly, then off to work again. In between those two things, I'll entertain and feed and cuddle the fuzzballs. Bye!

Work, work work

I just got back from work about an hour and a half ago, and already have been working again. A colleague from work was suffering from serious computer problems (it always reboots as soon as I've logged on, etc.) so I told him to bring his machine to work so I could take it home, and then analyse it and fix what needs to be done. However, there are more fun things than carrying around a 17 inch CRT monitor at 06h30 in the morning :)

Dropped off the car at the service point and I'll be picking it up later today - since I need it again tonight - and I'm off to bed while I let Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D do a first assessement of the damage on the colleague's machine. Ad-Aware finished and found 207 suspicious objects, of which 51 were registry keys, there were 10 mal/spyware related directories on the box, and I don't even recall what else. I've saved a log file though, for later enjoyment.

Spybot S&D just completed it's first run (with an outdated set of detection rules for the time being) and identified an additional 40 problems. I'll have too see if I can hook it up to the internet later on, to retrieve updates for a Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D, as well as very critical windows patches. As far as I could tell, this machine has windows XP on it with exactly 1 applied hotfix, a permanent DLS connection, no firewall and no anti-virus. No wonder it reboots :p

First off to bed now... I need some sleeeeeep!

Since SP2 is expected

to be available from windowsupdate really soon now, one can expect at least some things to go wrong sooner or later. If you are going to install SP2 - which I think you should - please read the following knowledge base articles first :

- Programs that may behave differently in Windows XP SP2
- "Data Execution Prevention" error message in Windows XP SP2
- Troubleshooting Windows Firewall settings in Windows XP SP2
- Some programs seem to stop working after you install Windows XP SP2

Feel free to read Smeg's point of view on SP2 as well. He did a better job of explaining what I couldn't :)

Wow! Good thing there is the internet...

As I was running a newer version of SiSoftware SANDRA, I noticed I could finetune some more things on my box, so I set out to find the newest drivers for some devices. One of them were drivers for my AC97 onboard sound, the others were an updated version of the old BT Bluetooth drivers that had been sitting on my computer, never used for the past 2 years.

However, since I recently bought a new mobile phone, I decided to connect it to my PC using bluetooth. No problems at all an in a matter of minutes my Z600 was happily chatting to my PC. This was on version 1.something.somethingelse.

MSI Live Update 3 had version so I grabbed that one to replace the old drivers and it uninstalled the old crap, removed the backup files, then nicely placed the updated drivers in the correct locations and I was done. Or so I thought.

After a reboot, it turned out I always got the error "Your bluetooth software license does not include use with this Bluetooth device. [6]" when I tried opening the BT Tray application. After clicking OK, it asked for a license.dat file. What the fuck? I don't have a license file, nor have I ever needed one! Apart from that, this is legit software, to go with a legitimately bought MSI PC2PC Bluetooth device! Not one to give up easily, I set out, searching for a spark of hope to solve this mysterious license crap.

The MSI site and tech support proved less than informative, but somewhere hidden deep in it's english forums, I found a link to Jons Guides : Bluetooth Help Guide. Not really thinking I would find what I needed, I decided to read the introduction anyway. Within seconds, I found download locations for the updated version by IBM, an .inf file with info on the newest devices, as well as a patcher so deal with the license file (I think).

I followed all the instructions to the letter and... it works. My Z600 is once again connected to my computer, and the bluetooth software seems to have a whole lot more options as well.

What can I say? Jon saved my day!

Note : if you break/disable/invalidate your phone, don't complain to me. Read and try the things below on your own responsability!

Oh, now that I'm linking and spreading geek info anyway, you probably wanna know how to check the firmware number on your Sony Ericsson phone (don't know if it'll work on all phones, but it does on mine)? Press the following keys : "RIGHT * LEFT LEFT * LEFT * 1 1" and the first word gives you the firmware revision. While you're in the service menu, take a look around - for simlocks, configuration etc. ;-)


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I got back a few hours ago from Nadia's Birthday BBQ, and as usual, we've had lots of fun. It was the first birthday party though that I can recall to have been so sportive : we've been playing lots and lots of table tennis, and while we ain't terribly good at it, we had serious laughs. Yes yes... mucho fun.

Off to bed in about 4 hours, and working tomorrow night.


It ain't that late yet, especially not when you know I'm adapting to a night shift starting on monday, but tomorrow we'll be celebrating Nadia's birthday with a BBQ starting around 14h00, so I gotta get up in time to make it. This probably means I shouldn't make it much later than 2 or three before I go to bed.

I've been playing a lot of the free MMORPG called Wyvern over the past few days and while I'm a Level 4 character already, it is nothing compared to some of the characters one meets while exploring.

When I am bored

I usually go on an update searching frenzy. I check whether or not I've got the latest releases for the software I regulary use, I check what is to be expected in the near future and do other geeky things like that.

Since most programs were up to date - I got bored a few days back as well - and I decided to wait a bit before installing Windows XP SP2 even though it is available, just not on Windows Update yet, I found this nice site filled with Firefox info, tips and tricks. One of the things caught my eye : running Firefox from a USB stick, with all the finetuning you want, plugins, settings and all.

I immediately set out to create a sticked version of my firefox install, so that wherever I go, I've got my trusted browser with me. I stripped out most of my regular bookmarks, and limited the amount of available cache to 5 MB instead of the usual 50MB, to save space on the USB stick. After a bit of fiddling with settings, options and things like that, it seems to work fine. And it doesn't leave a trace in the registry of the host computer, it doesn't clutter up the system, but instead fully runs from a removable device. Nice, what else can I say?

This concludes my Geek Project for the day, off to bed now!

Knots and loose ends.


Picking up what I didn't get done yesterday : sending out Heather's gift, then off to R. to go fix his PC after all - yesterday he asked me to come over early september, but I just got a call that he'd rather have it fixed before he leaves for holiday - and then tying up some loose ends that have been hanging around for a while. Nothing utterly important, but nice to be done with anyway.

Update : CD is mailed out to Heather. I'm currently listening to the new 2CD compilation from Alfa-Matrix, called Re:connected 1.0, and featuring unreleased tracks by Front 242, A�boforcen, Ayria, Plastic Noise Experience, Implant, Insekt and Epsilon Minus, amongst many others. A definite recommendation if you enjoy EBM!

Personality tests


Things to take care of today :

- Ship 3 years FK anniversary prize to Heather
- Go over to D. and fix her computer, hopefully for good this time. She just manages to keep getting it infected with spyware and adware.
- Call R. to check out his computer problems - I already replied to the mail he sent me yesterday, but since his problems seem internet related, it's not sure he'll be able to receive and read it.
- Enjoy myself (highest priority!)

And to bring you all into the beach mood : Bikini Bounce, or if you'd rather play a Pong clone : Collumn

Holy fucking crap on a stick!

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What the hell is up with the weather today? Where is the incredible thunderstorm that everyone expected? You know, the mother of all thunderstorms, the bringer of insane amounts of rain, lower temperatures and reviving everything that has been smothered in this blistering heat?

Right now, it is still as hot as it was yesterday night when I went to bed : 28 degrees Celsius (inside the apartment that is). I tried sleeping but instead tossed and turned for nearly four and a half hours. And now I'm up and looking at working 10 hours straight - I tell you, this is not going to have a happy end.

I curse this stinking weather and the fact that it's either too cold or too hot over here. A nice and common sense average is plain impossible.

Those about to melt with the asphalt, greet you. Medic! We need a stretcher, an ambulance and two cute nurses to take care of this patient. Wait, forget about the nurses... it's too hot to even think about sex!

Pushing the requirements


When I carefully picked and selected the computer I'm currently using two years ago, I never even thought it would lack in diskspace. 2 80GB disks in a RAID 1 (mirroring) setup - "secure and large enough" I thought. Well, the system still runs secure, but I've been running out of space constantly the past weeks/months.

I either go out and grab a pair of nice 160GB drives, doubling my available space, or I go for an external solution connected by USB2 or FireWire. Since I don't have FW on this box - but I probably will when I get a new one - it would be wise to get a setup that both runs of USB2 and FW. Looking at prices, a Maxtor OneTouch (FW + USB) external 250GB disk, doing 7200 rpm, 8MB cache would cost me about 240 euro. Two new 160GB disks to stick in the RAID1 would cost me about 200 euro.

Now, I think that if I moved the less important data to an external solution, the 80GB would be more than enough to carry the important things, so in time I think I'll just get an extra disk.

Heather accepted the prize, so I'll be shipping it to her on thursday.

Technically speaking

it's already monday, but to keep things easy and in line with what my body tells me, it's still sunday. I'm off to bed as I just feel like I've been hit on the head with a dhuge wooden hammer.

Working 7 days in a row always seems to wear me out, and I've got only one day to get enough energy to work 10 hours on tuesday and 10 on wednesday. Then - hopefully - I off for a whopping 4 days straight after which I start 7 night shifts.

And the winner is....


The numbers pulled during tonight's lottery game were (in order) :

8 - 1 - 2 - 11 - 20 - 40 and 22

So, the winner is Heather!

Since 40 doesn't count, the following people are the runner ups, and eligible for the win in case an earlier winner doesn't claim their prize within 7 days.


I'll mail Heather right away to get confirmation and see whether or not she'll accept the awarded prize. If not, I'll contact the next person on the list, or wait 7 days for an answer, after which I'll go to the next in line as well.

Thanks for playing everyone!

Oh, since some of you don't know yet what the prize is... it's a CD by Gorki, called Plan B (it's their most recent album) and it consists of an audio CD containing 10 tracks, as well as a CD-Rom to play on the computer.

Deciding the winner


I've found a better way to decide who's winning a CD in the FK 3 year celebration contest. Tonight, when the lottery numbers are pulled, the first number will decide who wins. If the first number is out of the range of 1-22, the second number pulled will be used and so on, untill - hopefully - we've got a winner.

In case the winner doesn't reply to the announcement mail within 7 days, a runner-up will be awarded the prize, and so on and on. If you win, you'll receive a mail with all instructions on how to claim your prize.

Patching time for various packages

Let's see what has been released/patched recently :

Firefox 0.9.3 - fixes a couple of bugs, including a highly critical exploit that could lead to DoS, and remote system access. Relies on a libpng library exploit.
Windows Update has an out-of-cycle patch that fixes 3 highly critical exploits for Internet Explorer 5.01, 5.5 and 6.0. possibly leading to DoS, remote system access.


| 9 Comments is celebrating... when I started this blog exactly 3 years ago, I didn't think it would take off like it did. Close to 36.000 unique visitors, over 2000 comments and over 1800 posts made.

In order to reward you, the readers that keep on coming back, I've decided to give away a CD (and some stickers). Now, who should I award this CD to? I decided to include everyone who left feedback on the last 100 posts, and here is the list of people that are competing :

Ashtronaut (USA) [1]
Joco (Belgium) [2]
Little Wabbit (Belgium) [3]
Tine (Belgium) [4]
Zwork (Belgium) [5]
ChefQuickx (USA?) [6]
Sheilah (USA?) [7]
Heather (USA) [8]
Sara (Belgium) [9]
nongirlfriend (USA) [10]
Diosa (USA) [11]
"S" (???) [12]
Jess (Belgium) [13]
Nadia (Belgium) [14]
Bugs (???) [15]
Phyre Bitzshe (USA) [16]
Shelley (New Zealand) [17]
Dimi (Belgium) [18]
Smeg (USA) [19]
Fiona (???) [20]
Jay (UK) [21]
Zoe (Belgium) [22]

That's 1 chance in 22 you've got to win! Now I'll have to find a fair way to pick a number out of the range 1-22... I think I'll have my ferrets help me out with that later this week. Keep an eye open for the announcement of the winner!



finally some good news... I just got back from the dealership to let them take a look at the leaking radiator of my car and to make an appointement for a service check (including replacing some belts and such) and they were able to fix the leak easily. It turned out a hose had loosened slightly and with a spanner it was sealed quickly. This means no replacement of the radiator, which is good, very good.

As I was browsing the showroom, I just kept on falling in love with volvo cars more and more. Yes, they're pretty expensive but seeing as you get true quality it pays off in the long run. If I had more spare cash, I would even consider buying one of their Selected Used Cars. Saw a very nice break (I think in the US it would be referred to as a stationwagon), just over 3 years old and in mint condition for about 13000 euro. Quite a lot of money, I agree but still... it's nice :)

Off to the dealership on the 18th for a complete checkup, after I get back from my night shift.

Question : does anyone know what is special about today? If you've got a clue, or just want to take a guess, please leave feedback in the comment below. In fact, leaving a comment could result in you winning a nice prize, totally free! The contest closes today at 00:00 so you've got a few hours left to enter.

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Super Size Me

I've just watched the movie that has just one subject : fastfood consumption, and they targetted MacDonalds, however if you ask me, there is no reason to believe other fastfood options wouldn't result in the same devastating measurements after a month.

If you even have the chance to watch this movie, do so. I do suggest you go grab a huge fastfood meal at the fastfood outlet of your choice first though, as it might very well be the last time you did, and I'm sure it'll add to the experience when you starting feeling quite unpleasant during the movie.

I don't think I'll walk into one of them in the near future, that's for sure.

IMDB entry for Super Size Me.

Things I gotta do today :

shave - shower - shop for food - get flat tire fixed - stop at bank - work late shift - entertain ferrets - take out trash.

Update : Instead of being able to just get the flat tire fixed, it was a total loss. As they couldn't see any visible defects in it either, they put pressure on it and it got bumps and tits everywhere. According to the guys there, that's due to extreme heat and that could make sense as it was too fucking hot on friday. If I hadn't pulled over so soon, it would have exploded with possibly worse results than slaving in the blistering sun for 15 minutes to replace a tire.

Final outcome? I had to get two new tires, since the automobile inspection here in Belgium has become very strict when it comes to having the same brand and type of tires. If you drive around with different brands/types, they won't certify your car, simple as that. So, why couldn't I just get one tire replaced? Because the Goodyear GT2 that I had right now, is not being made anymore, but has been replaced with a GT3. Yes, even such a simple change is enough to piss off the people at the automobile inspection. For just over a 100 euro I got two new tires, balanced, fitted and all. It could have been worse.

DJ Testosterone does it again

Go check out the wonderful mixes she's created over the past weeks :

Oldschool (28/07/2004)
HOLLA! (26/07/2004)
Humid (15/07/2004)
Puttin' on tha hitssssssssss (13/07/2004)
The biggest internet asshole ever (08/07/2004)

DJ Testosterone's site. Grab them soon, because I doubt they'll remain online forever. And make sure you let her know it if you like those mixes :)

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