I should have said no, right?


So much for working according to planning. I was called this morning around 08h45 to ask me if I could go over to Dock 869 as soon as possible to work till 18h00. Foolish me said yes, packed his things and left to go sit in a container/office type thingy for 8 hours straight, without anyone relieving me of my duty in between. And checking the people that work at the docks is not that easy, as some of you might now.

In the best case scenario, they comply and show ID, other scenarios result in getting a middlefinger, or just look at you and walking straight by. A difficult audience, let me tell you - but sooner or later they'll have to start following the rules and regulations too. We didn't come up with ISPS, but are being told to enforce it.
Off to eat something now, entertain the ferrets and then off to bed to start an 8 day series of early shifts.

[Laughing with spam : Debt Consolidation with a Christian Perspective]


Don't you get a bonus for doing a shift that wasn't planned? (I do :-) )

I guess I'll be lucky if I get it paid at all :p Maybe I should start working for another company?

Mmmm, troubles with paycheck ???

With your background and knowledge it shouldn't be to difficult to find work with another company.

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