Fucker de fucker de fuck


Just received a mail from Sara - it appears she was not the lady I was looking for, too bad :( I guess that also means that there is little chance I ever find her back, unless maybe if I make it the the concert on the 4th (have to work till 22h00 though and it starts at 23h00, but when the place is full, I'm fucked) and that she might be there. Oh well... why am I not suprised?

Replaced a photograph of Micky on his site, but the rest of the changes will have to wait till I'm back home for a couple of days. It takes too much digging into code and templates to do between "de soep en de patatten".

This post is funny mixture of dutch and english, which could result in neither understanding a word, but hey... the world ain't always fair, is it?

Zwork : Yeah, I guess I could easily apply at another company, but I do like it where I am now. I think I just have to get the administration fixed once and for all and then everything should be smooth sailing. If they keep on messing up, I can still consider moving around.

[Laughing with spam : Your employer said they can't hire you because you don't have a diplomaa]


rofl :)
thx for changing the pic ;)
the little one is enjoying his new home, and we try and enjoy the silence from time to time

Proficiat papa en mama en kleine (groote) Alex !!!!

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