Problem : too much booze. Need help!


So, I've got this small problem : I've got 12 bottles of Smirnoff Ice (Black Ice and Red Ice) and it's ice-cold. Well, not yet, but it'll be ice-cold by tomorrow afternoon/evening, or sunday depending on the weather.

Since I don't drink (that much), I'm looking for a couple of friends to help me finish those bottles, and I think I've got a bottle of wodka around as well that needs to be emptied. The thing is that I don't have the space - or the drive to clean this pigsty - to welcome guests. So, if you've got the place, I've got the booze.

Anyone interested? Leave a comment below, so we can get in touch.


nbext time use the phone to call friends
we don't all have the time to sit all day on a pc and watch this site to be updated....

i would have loved some wodkas

Lol, yeah, I'll keep that in mind. I'm off from work in the weekend of the 10th and 11th as well, but on the 10th I'll be going to Rock Zottegem. The wodka ain't finished yet, so don't worry :p

Just mail me the vodka. Mine never lasts through the weekend.


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