Invasion from the green planet - help!


My day sa far in a few words - and pictures :

running errands - shopping - returning to store for more shopping - sleeping in - dealing with spam - dirty hands - dirty mind (although that's not just today) - sun - lottery tickets

ServMe plants some green stuff - click to grow! ServMe plants some green stuff - click to grow!

Yeah, I think the abundance of sun has affected my mind... ServMe planting green stuff, often referred to as plants?! That's something new! Especially since I know as much about plants as I know about women : nothing.

Wait, that wasn't totally correct. I know nothing about women, but less than nothing about plants. Phew... glad I was able to correct that slip of the tongue keys.


Well you got them in the soil the right way round (green bit up) so you obviously have some idea :P Now you just need to make sure they get water occasionally and you should be set.

My house is a jungle with all kinds of oversized plants, and I know squat about looking after them. I think they grow well because I don't mess with them too much.

Exactly my take on it too! I'll just water them when I happen to think of it, but for the rest of the time they're on their own and should just grow :)

They grow faster when you talk to them ;-)

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