Weird. I just heard my phone ring two or three times and then it stopped. That in itself is not weird, but weird is that it happens at 01h40 at night. No one would call me at that time, unless it was an emergency or it was my work calling me.

I was too late to pick up the phone because I was brushing my teeth, so whomever called me, will either have to call back before 02h00 or call me again tomorrow. I'll see if I can find out who it was though, providing I can find the correct code to list missed calls on the Belgacom site.

(I found the code, it's 1919, but it tells me no number has been registered, so that doesn't tell me much. It's too late to start calling random people to ask if they called me though.)


1919 is a begacom number to check the last missed call. Just dial 1919 and a voice will tell you who the last caller was (aswered calls don't count)

PS: it wasn't me. I was in my bed altough Joco woke me at 1.20'. Maybe it was him?

Yeah, it was him. He dialed the wrong number, as he was trying to call you, but called me instead :)

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