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The day HTTPS stopped being secure

Well, actually there is nothing wrong with the HTTPS protocol itself, but on the other hand, using a secured HTTP connection to the site of your financial institution doesn't mean you're safe either.

There is a - rather technical - PDF file available that explains all the nitty gritty details, but let me give you a quick rundown of what some scammers are doing.

You surf the web with IE and happen to end up on a compromised webserver. Mind you, this could be a very well known site that would be above all suspicion, as recent reports have shown that exploits exist and have been used to compromise webservers. Without realizing it, your browser downloads and installs a BHO, which is automatically loaded when you start IE.

This BHO watches for HTTPS access to URL's, and then captures the data before it is encrypted, resulting in your password, login ID and such being made available in clear text to a third party server. However, to hide their tracks, the BHO encrypts the captured data before they pass it on, to prevent intrusion detection software from detecting certain account information being passed on.

Sounds confusing? Here's a little scheme to make it more understandable :

1. Webserver is compromised
2. You surf to a compromised site, using IE
3. BHO is installed on your computer, without your interaction or knowledge
4. You connect to your online banking site
5. BHO grabs data before it's encrypted
6. BHO encrypts data and passes it on to someone else

This could lead to others accessing your bank accounts online, withdraw money, change account details, identity theft, ...

If you've read this far, you're probably wondering what you can do to prevent all this? Well, honestly I don't know. I'd suggest not using IE as your favorite browser for the time being - at least not until a number of very serious security holes are patched - and you could also see if you can block access to http://www.refestltd.com using your (personal) firewall. The latter however is only a temporary solution as I suspect the scammers will release newer versions of their exploit that use connections to other sites to receive the captured data.

Finally, keep your systems patched (Windows Update) and scan your systems regulary using Ad-Aware and/or Spybot S&D. Please be aware that none of these scanners or patches provide protection against this exploit at the time of this writing, but the less vulnerabilities exist on your system, the harder it'll be for scammers to abuse and infect your machine(s).

Movies to see

I still have 7 years in Tibet on tape - taped it last week, and today I recorded Shaft, and on wednesday I'll be taping Boogie Nights. The only problem so far seems to be a lack of free to watch all these excellent movies. I still recall that I though 7 years in Tibet would be some stupid mellow romanticised story, but when I finally caught it on TV, I was blown away by it. So I didn't waste my chance to tape it so I can watch it again someday.

Shaft I ain't seen yet - or maybe I have? - but Boogie Nights I've seen like 3 times already, and it still rocks. Somehow most Disco music just makes my body want to sing, dance, move and groove. Utterly out of rhythm of course, let there be no doubt about that :)

Free speech, my ass!

Don't let things like this happen here peeps - speaking up for what you believe is wrong should be your right, no matter what situation or who is in control.

Student speaks freely at graduation and is denied diploma

Behold my creation


that looks like shit, but should serve its purpose. After all, building a birds nesting cage is not exactly rocket science I believe. I'm not really pleased with how the roof is attached to the body - the screws that came with the hinges keep getting loose - but for the time being, I'll leave it at that. I'll improve it when I start building version 1.1.

I think I might build a few more of those, if people are interested in them. I don't promise architectural top of the bill creations, but as I build more, I'll should get better at it. At least all the measurements are correct and these nesting cages should be appropriate for Blue Tits (Pimpelmees - Parus Caeruleus), as well as Great Tits (Koolmees - Parus Major). Attach them at a height of 1.5 to 1.8 meters and preferably out of reach of cats, squirrels, weasels and such.

And then I forgot to post pictures, lol. Here they are.

Nest for Great Tits or Blue Tits Nest for Great Tits or Blue Tits Nest for Great Tits or Blue Tits Nest for Great Tits or Blue Tits 

If you've got a garden, or a spot to hang one of these wonderful friedkitten.com creations, place your order in a comment.

Party in my head

One Smirnoff Ice down, 11 more to go.

Blasting through the speakers right now : Dub be good to me - Beats International. Other tracks in the current playlist :

BiGod 20 - Like a Prayer
Bj�rk - Army of Me
Bj�rk - Human Behaviour
Bj�rk - It's oh so quiet (fantastic song, ain't it?)
Bj�rk - There's more to life than this
Bj�rk - Venus as a boy
Black Sabbath - War Pigs
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath - Electric Funeral
Black Sabbath - Iron Man
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
The Blues Brothers - (Theme from) Rawhide
Blinkit - Sabre Surf
Blinkit - Blue Jean Bop
Bomfunk MC's - Something going on
Bomb the Bass - Beat Dis
Bucks Fizz - Making your mind up
Bryan Adams ft. Mel C - When you're gone
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy
Boom Town Rats - I don't like mondays
The Beautiful South - Don't marry her

I think I'll grab some artists starting with a D. I just added these to the list :

D-Devils - 6th Gate
Daft Punk - Around the world
Danny and the Juniors - At the Hop
De La Soul - Me, Myself and I
Dead Can Dance - How fortunate the man with none
Dead Can Dance - The ubiquitious Mr Lovegrove
Dead Can Dance - The wind that shakes the barley
Dead Can Dance - Yulunga
Dead or Alive - You spin me round
Dee Lite - Groove is in the heart
Deep Purple - Child in time
Desireless - Voyage Voyage
Desmond Dekker and the Aces - Israelites
Destiny's Child - Bug a Boo
Destiny's Child - Say my name
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come on Eileen
The Diamonds - Little Darlin'
Dido - Thank you (live)
Die Krupps - eggshell
Dune - Hardcore vibes
Duran Duran - Girls on film
Duran Duran - Relax, don't do it
Duran Duran - Wild Boys
Dusty Springfield - Son of a preacher man (gives me chills)
The Doors - Light my fire

Got up early and created something


I just spend a couple of hours reading a very simple plan, crafting wood, drilling holes, putting it all together and right now a first layer of paint is drying. Well, it's not really paint, but some sort of environmentally friendly coating to protect wood.

I doubt I'll enjoy my little creation being used this year though, but coming spring it'll hopefully serve it's purpose. No photographs yet, maybe when I finished it.

I'm not too proud of the details and not a lot of "fine craftsmanship" was used, but for a first attempt, it's acceptable. I think I should install electricity in my garage though, as that would beat working on a very small terrace.

Off to the shower after I trimmed my hair and then I'll be cycling over to a "client" that is suffering from computer problems, and from what I heard, pretty serious ones as well. The problem is that it's one of those "know personally but not close enough to consider friends" kind of customer - what brings up the "should I bill them or not" question again.

So, I've got this small problem : I've got 12 bottles of Smirnoff Ice (Black Ice and Red Ice) and it's ice-cold. Well, not yet, but it'll be ice-cold by tomorrow afternoon/evening, or sunday depending on the weather.

Since I don't drink (that much), I'm looking for a couple of friends to help me finish those bottles, and I think I've got a bottle of wodka around as well that needs to be emptied. The thing is that I don't have the space - or the drive to clean this pigsty - to welcome guests. So, if you've got the place, I've got the booze.

Anyone interested? Leave a comment below, so we can get in touch.

Never a dull day

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at work, or at least so it seems. An excercise in regard to a break and entry case was performed and turned out slightly different from what was expected, but the most interesting thing happened around noon. As you may know, we've got Peregrine Falcons (Falco Peregrinus) on the site, and they've been breeding. Today, as I was on site, I suddenly noticed one of them, sitting on the ground near a parking lot. It made no real attempts to fly off but instead opted to hop around a bit. Even when I came closer - to a distance of about 2 meters - it didn't move a lot. As I could see that it still had a fair amount of fluffy nest feathers, I assumed it was one of the newly born birds on the block.

I called in to check if and what we should do about it, and after getting the right person on line, she said this "Oh, did he do it again? It's not the first time he comes flying down and then can't get up anymore. If you feel up to it, you could try catching him, put him in a box and take him up to the roof of *insert building*.

While I was definitely impressed by the size and looks of this magnificent animal from a 2 meter distance, I decided that I would not let a chance to touch and handle such a wonderful animal personally slip by. I agreed that we would at least make an attempt, and if it wouldn't work out, they would still be able to call in specialised personnel to catch him. I grabbed my pair of work gloves - I was warned that they've got a pretty sharp and powerful beak - while I send out my colleague to see if he could find an appropriate carton box. When he returned we moved towards the peregrine falcon and it hopped off between some containers. I directed my colleague to the other end, taking the box with him, and while the falcon was focussed on him, I moved around back and was able to gentle grab him.

Man, if it looked wonderful from a distance, being eye to eye with it was totally incredible. Slowly we lowered it into the box, and then proceeded to transport it to the roof of the building. We had to climb some alleys and stairs, so it was good that there were two of us. When we arrived at a good spot, we put down the box, I opened it up and picked up the bird again. While he wasn't too pleased with all the attention, he never made real attempts to bite or strike at me. I put him on my hand - even for a young peregrine falcon, he had some powerful claws - and then slowly put him on the roof. Mission accomplished and as we headed back inside, he kept following us, giving us the "don't mess with me" eye.

I called in to say that he was successfully caught and released again and the person on the other side of the line was very very pleased to hear it. We should keep an eye out for him though, because if he keeps kinda "falling down", it'll not end so good one of these days, and then another solution must be found.

All in all, everyone is happy I think. I'm happy because I had the opportunity to handle a peregrine falcon in person, the person responsable for them is happy because the animal was spotted, caught and released, and the falcon should be glad that he's in a more safe spot now. Unfortunately, there are no photographs of the animal or my interaction, because camera's are not allowed on site without explicit permission.

Who said that the job a security guard was boring and dull?

Reggae nights?


As I was in the shopping mall today, I decided to browse the racks for a CD containing the newest single from Coco Jr, called "Push Push". I've never really paid any attention to him as a singer, but this reggae like track is quite catchy. People that know me also know that I've got a very diverse taste in music, ranging from AC/DC, over Bj�rk and Ice-T, to Eminem, Yasmine and ZZ Top.

Anyway, I think the track is not yet released - neither as a single nor on a full CD - but if anyone has it on an MP3 format, drop me a line. I wanna listen to it a bit more and then buy the full CD when it's released.

Kinky doggies?

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So, how confused are you when looking at dogtoys and adult toys? Do you often think "This could be used for more interesting things" or "Damn, this is worthless, better let the dog chew on it" when you've got an object in your hand?

Find out now : Dog toy or Marital Aid (link thanks to Zoe)

I scored a nice 12/14 in the easy round and 9/14 in the difficult one. A thing to keep in mind, according to Jenny : "Mental note. Pet store is probably cheaper than Sex store."

Now I'm off to Fnac to get a ticket for Rock Zottegem on July 10th, where Front 242 will be headlining.

Go duckies, go!


There's some good news and some bad news concerning work. The good news has to do with me, the bad news with a colleague I really liked working with. I got a confirmation from the site planning supervisor again today that I've been assigned as a member of the team I've been working with the past month, hence I've got a full shedule for July (175 hours if I'm not mistaken), which is really good news.

The bad news is that one of the colleagues will have no hours on our site next month, due to the fact that he's not up to date on his medical tests, something that is entirely out of his hands though. I'm not up to date on my medical either, but I'm in the lucky position that the colleague I work with in my team is, so it doesn't pose a direct problem. I did receive a letter today that I'll have to present myself for final tests on august 13th, which is a mighty long time away - too long if you ask my chief, so I think he'll try to get an earlier date and that's fine by me.

Oh, when I passed the spot where mama duck and her baby ducks were stuggling to stay alive yesterday today, I didn't see any dead duckies, so I think (and hope) they made it! Yay!

Now, something else : what's with the fucking apathy, losers? Even a this-just-breaks-my-heart entry that has baby ducks in great danger in it doesn't get comments, apart from Diosa, someone I've never even met and only "know" because she's romantically related to Smeg, who I've never met in real life either. Thumbs up for Diosa and a huge fuck you to everyone else.

Mental barfing

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If your not ready to read a incoherent rant about all kinds of things that have no relation to each other, but that I just have to get out of my system right this minute, fuck off, go do something else.

All was good today, work was kinda slow although I've had my duties. The massive amount of stress I'm suffering from right now was generated in the past hour - while travelling home. It first started off when I encountered a mother duck with her baby ducks, on the left hand side of a two lane highway, squeezed as close to the divider as possible while traffic zoomed by at speeds of 60 miles. I can only imagine the terror and fear they all must have been suffering from and as I slowed down and went out of my way as much as possible to avoid them, I just knew that my efforts to avoid and save them would mean nothing in the greater point of life. I doubt they'll make it to a safe place. I know the highway there, and there just is no escape for them, apart from crossing the busy highway (two lanes) and not be teared to pieces.

What can I say? I saw them, reacted by avoiding them, yet the only thing that my mind could process was

100% mortality rate

It made me sad, even though I don't know whether or not my "premonition" is correct. It makes me wonder what the fuck we're all doing?!

Then as I travelled on, through dense traffic, I noticed a sign that said that one of the exits I can take to get home would still be opened, even if it was said they all would be closed. I decided to believe the sign, but the fuckers indeed closed it. I had to travel way further in order to be able to get off the highway, and that's when I noticed the yellow motorcycle that had crashed. First image in my mind again is "crap, is that my sisters bike or not?". I had no way to verify whether it was so as I continued through the traffic jams all over the place, I just kept going over the possibility. As soon as I got home, I mailed her to check and she just called me. It wasn't her, phew.

Then as I was waiting to turn left somewhere, the old fart in the dutch car before me decided to light a smoke. Listen old fucker, if you wanna poison yourself and your sorry ass, feel free to do so, but at least have the courtesy of killing yourself in your car with the windows rolled up, so you don't spoil the last bit of fresh air around for me. I so wanted to get out, and yell at him, but I think it wont matter a lot, again when seen in the bigger picture.

100% mortality people, remember the poor ducks.

Sun rise, dawn and days : all blurry

Last night, my sister called me around seven thirty I think. I picked up the phone and must have sounded like a complete retard, as I was soundly asleep when she rang. Honestly, for the first 5 minutes or so, I had no clue what time it was, whether it was morning or evening, or even what day.

She was talking about how she and some family members were gathering at my dad's place around 9 and if I would like to come over too. I was totally confused, looking outside, seeing the sun rise, thinking it was sunday morning, and that she was talking about them gathering on sunday evening, while in reality it was saturday evening, and the sun was setting, not rising.

She tried explaining it for a while, but I just couldn't kick my brain out of sleep mode and into gear to understand a word she was saying. It must have been a really funny conversation I bet. As we finished talking, I went straight back to bed, skipped having food at all, and slept straight till a few minutes ago. A few minutes ago meaning 4 AM'ish on sunday morning - I think.

Both online, but no more mail


Just got a mail from a friend/customer that "the guys of Belgacom" have changed something in his configuration so now both him and his wife can be on the internet at the same time, but he can't access his mail anymore now. I'll be going over to his place later this afternoon to take a look and hopefully solve the issue.

Update : Problem solved. If you're interested in a Tornado ISDN WebJet 128 external modem, check out my e-bay sale.

I never knew

I never suspected that changing my sleep shedule would be so problematic, after all, I've been having weird sleeping habits all my life. This week I had to go from being used to the night shift (work 22h00 till 06h00) to a system that'll accommodate working 06h00-14h00 starting saturday. This has resulted in skipping sleep altogether from sunday on monday, then crash monday night and sleep till 17h00 on tuesday, to skip sleep again in the night of tuesday to wednesday.

Last night I managed to go to bed around midnight, and I woke up at a few minutes past five this morning. Way too early for a day off if you ask me, but I think I'm adapted to morning shifts now.

All this fucked up sleeping can't be good for you, don't you think? Wouldn't it be better to have a team work mornings for 4 months, then late shifts for 4 months and finally nights for 4 months? That would result in fucking up sleep habits only 3 times a year, instead of every 3 or 4 weeks.

You could argue that would be even harder on a social life level, but I see no difference - at least that way people would have a chance of knowing when you're around, when you're at work and when you'll be trying to sleep.

Some recent releases

From carpetshark to fuzzball


I just gave my carpetsharks a bath - it's that magical trick to turn a regular ferret into a fuzzball :p

Seeing them bounce around, all them like little excited bundles of energy afterwards is all the entertainment one needs. They're off to bed now, with a spare dry towel to roll around in a bit more, so they're totally dry when they fall asleep.

Poing Poing!

Weird stuff

A small collection of things that struck me as noteworthy, funny or intriguing :

Lake Chesterfield (Missouri) disappears in a matter of days. So much for having a nice view over the lake, right?

First European nudist cruise to set sail from Barcelona. At least they don't have to worry about tan lines!

Regular sex helps (students). Good thing I'm not studying anymore, I'd fail completely :(


One could argue that I should have been in bed about 3 hours ago, but I think I'll try to stay awake throughout the day to crash around 21h00 or 22h00. That way I'll be prepared to get up early'ish tomorrow morning, and start adapting to my early shift that starts on saturday morning.

Things to do today (that I remember) :

get windshieldwiperfluid (is that 1 word? whoa!) - get a small booklet to write down things like tips/tricks/phonenumbers etc for work - wash car - and probably a bunch of things I forgot - shave - shower

In and out and all about


I'm off to vote, and when I'm back I'm heading to bed. I just hope voting can start at exactly 08h00 as some voting stations had technical difficulties last year.

Joco, call me somewhere after 15h00 in case you wanna come over today.

Update : I'm currently looking at the first very partial results and they pretty much tell me what I already expected. If you're interested, take a look at these official sites : Vlaanderen Kiest and Verkiezingen 2004 (available in NL, FR, EN, DE).



the idiot that woke me up in the middle of the day has been identified - it was Joco, and I forgive you my friend ;)

I'm having some ravioli right now in about 15 - 30 minutes I'm off to work. On my to-do list for next week is the adaptation of an excel spreadsheet to facilitate and automate salary calculations, as well as have my overalls taken in a bit, since the legs are too long. I could do it myself, but would probably end up with shorts instead of an overall, so I guess I'll ask a professional to do it for me.

I'll also update my curriculum vitae - not that there is any need for it to that right now, but I like to stay on top of things. Oh, and on sunday I'll go vote in the elections.

I can see clearly now

that Ray is gone, but it's gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day.

The more nights I work, the more I seem to love it. It's almost as if you never leave, yet only work 8 hours a shift. I guess it's because you get to see both the morning shift colleagues, as well as the late shift people when you take over from them. It gives you a certain omnipresence, a bit godlike :)

I'm gonna finish my game of C&C Generals that I was playing yesterday evening before I left for work, and then I'm off to bed.

Hit the road, Ray.

Raindrops falling on my bed


Wow, it's considerably cooler this morning, something I already expected during the night, and I even caught a few drops of rain as I was coming home. Unfortunately, those few drops were not enough to cool everything off to an acceptable temperature - which for me would be around 20-23 degrees Celsius - but who knows, there might be more of the wet stuff in a few hours.

Anyway, I've opened up all doors and windows of the apartment in an attempt to drive out the heat, and while it'll be only hours before the sun starts shining at full force again, a matter of a few degrees less mean the difference between a good day of sleep and pure hell.



The heat is slowly creeping into my apartment and every day the temperature rises a degree or 2. I hope the predicted storm will hit before I leave for work, so I can open all windows in an attempt to cool it down a bit. Luckily I was able to have a good sleep, despite of the tropical heatwave that's terrorizing Belgium the past 2 days.

When I got home, the fuzzies were awake so I let them out to play for a while as I covered their cage in a wet towel, grabbed one of the frozen bottles of water from the freezer and brought out the fan to keep them cool(er). Ferrets are totally not adapted to deal with heat, and a heatstroke is potentially deadly, so I rather take precautions.

Off to do some shopping and figure out what I'll be eating tonight at work, as well as today before I leave. Oh, that reminds me that I still have yummy spaghetti!

[Currently playing : Negativland - Christianity is stupid]

Just got home

so after I've finished eating something, I'm off to bed till two or two thirty. Bye!

Update : That was a really refreshing time in bed, and it didn't even get too hot or light inside, probably because I had the good sense to spend 5 minutes really closing the curtains well before hitting the sack. Today I received my papers that state I can't help out at the election, finally. At least I've got them, now I'll have to make a copy and drop it in a mailbox somewhere.


And off I go... even though I only start at 20h00, I better leave early because traffic reports show heavy congestion in the direction I'm heading towards. And I first have to make a stop at an other branch - where I've not been yet - so I might need some extra time to find my way around.

Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite

A geek and his toys

I've just reinstalled Ethereal 0.10.4 to do some packetsniffing on my own network. While it's scary to see all your - supposedly safe and good - passwords fly by in plain text, it's a great way to find out the password for that old mail account you once set up, and check regulary, but you don't recall the password from.

Maybe I should start playing with some SSH tunneling to some of the mailservers I use?

Journalists, friend or foe?

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Everyone has heard about the monstrosities committed by US military personnel in the Abu Graib prison in Iraq, hell, it's been all over the media. I can imagine that those in power don't want those things leaked to the public, because it'll force them to dedicate time and money to clearing up the mess, or coming up with even more shocking material to divert attention (Nicholas Berg video, anyone?).

One of the ways they can accomplish such control over media is to control and limit the freedom of non-US journalists that visit the USA. Here is one such story (dated May 3rd 2004), and believe me, it'll make cold shivers run down your spine.

Welcome to America - When writer Elena Lappin flew to LA, she dreamed of a sunkissed, laid-back city. But that was before airport officials decided to detain her as a threat to security ...

Related links : IFEX (International Freedom of Expression eXchange) - Indymedia (Independent Media Center)

Counting down

Only just over an hour and a half before I can go to bed. I've been going to bed later every day, as I'll have to manage to stay awake till 06h00 starting monday night, for the next 7 days.

This also means that peopl who will be trying to get in touch with me by phone the next 7 days should do so after 14h00 and before 19h00, otherwise I'll probably be asleep, or at work.

Today has been quite uneventful, I filled out some forms, did some laundry and that's about it. Oh, apart from having food and entertaining the fuzzies of course.


I just found out that Belgacom (or is it Skynet these days? One can't keep up with their name changing) is upgrading all ADSL subscriptions to a higher upload speed. It's about time I'd say. This means that if all goes according to plan, I'll be having a 256kbit/s upload instead of a 192kbit/s at the end of this month. Something that comes in handy when I have to upload larger files to an FTP or mail them to someone.

The geek in me is filled with joy.

My day sa far in a few words - and pictures :

running errands - shopping - returning to store for more shopping - sleeping in - dealing with spam - dirty hands - dirty mind (although that's not just today) - sun - lottery tickets

ServMe plants some green stuff - click to grow! ServMe plants some green stuff - click to grow!

Yeah, I think the abundance of sun has affected my mind... ServMe planting green stuff, often referred to as plants?! That's something new! Especially since I know as much about plants as I know about women : nothing.

Wait, that wasn't totally correct. I know nothing about women, but less than nothing about plants. Phew... glad I was able to correct that slip of the tongue keys.

Change the world, eat an apple.

I'm very much looking forward to Fahrenheit 9/11, Micheal Moore's newest documentary. As you may or may not know, distribution of this movie has been a pain in the ass, after Miramax (owned by Disney) was told by it's parent company it couldn't distribute a movie that criticizes Bush and his henchmen.

Luckily two companies have stepped up - Lions Gate Films from Canada and IFC Films from the USA - and will aggressively promote and distribute Fahrenheit 9/11.

Where does democracy end? Does it end when companies are so afraid to distribute products that criticizes those in power, or should we look at who actually runs a country? If you think a country is just ran by politicians you elected, you should crawl back under the rock you've been hiding under for the past decade and go back to sleep. Corporations and companies run at least half the country, even it may not seem like they do. They are big and powerful enough to say "we want this and that, and we want it now".

If anyone decides to oppose them, they just hand out a press release that due to the opposition of insert name/political party here they are forced to lay off employees, relocate or reorganise.

Look, I'm not against corporations or legal structures since that's how capitalism and the western world works, but the balance between the people (the mass) and what they require and the power the corporations hold is completely lost. It has shifted to the wrong side, although there is something you can do about it : we, the people, gave them their power, and we can also take it away again. Just make a choice when you buy from stores and companies. Support the local businesses who live and thrive with the support of the local community, and who also hire people locally.

Money talks, remember?

[Sorry for the crappy title, but that was about the only thing I could come up with, without making it all sound too serious!]



Weird. I just heard my phone ring two or three times and then it stopped. That in itself is not weird, but weird is that it happens at 01h40 at night. No one would call me at that time, unless it was an emergency or it was my work calling me.

I was too late to pick up the phone because I was brushing my teeth, so whomever called me, will either have to call back before 02h00 or call me again tomorrow. I'll see if I can find out who it was though, providing I can find the correct code to list missed calls on the Belgacom site.

(I found the code, it's 1919, but it tells me no number has been registered, so that doesn't tell me much. It's too late to start calling random people to ask if they called me though.)

So, pussycat... do I have to pop in?

I've really slept in today, got up around twelve and I feel pretty good. It's nice to have a few days off from work, and while I should be doing all kinds of things, I'm not really doing anything yet. I just caught up on my mail, websites and things I usually follow up daily, but had neglected over the past days.

Yesterday I finally got my tax letter that I have to fill out - I'll be doing it using the digital online version again this year - and I did a quick first calculation that tells me I should get a refund of just over 900 euro. That would be nice, even if I'll only get that money next year.

Yesterday someone asked me about some spyware she had on her computer and this a part of what I replied (dutch only, sorry) : "Als je er echt last mee hebt - en blijft hebben, of het komt altijd terug - zou ik eens moeten binnen wippen om alles een goeie beurt te geven zodat je er weer even tegen kan." Mind you, I was talking about her computer, but I really enjoyed putting in all the erotic undertones and read-between-the-lines references. I wonder if she got them, and what she must have thought, lol.

Breathe in - Breathe out

I'll update tomorrow. Have some things to do and to take care off, although none of them are terribly interesting or important. Don't hold your breath.

Where is the sun?

Today I feel no different from yesterday, except for the fact that it's still dark outside now. I'll be glad when it's thursday evening - so I can go to my sisters' place to help a few hands with moving things out. On friday I'll sleep in as long as I want to recover from the past week and then on saturday I'll have to start working towards changing my sleep schedule to accomodate a night shift starting monday.

Yay - sarcasm intended :)



I really feel like saying "screw it all" today and just head back off to bed, but be the responsable self I am, I probably won't because it would result in my colleagues paying the price for my lack of sleep. I guess I'll just get ready and leave for work. Bleh!

Only two more days and then I get to be a whole 3 days off in preparation of a 7 day night shift session (64 hours).

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