Political Rant - feel free to skip.


With elections coming up on June 13th, most political parties are once again at it : promises, promises and even more promises.

I do recall the last elections though, and I guess that with me, a lot of people do. I certainly hope that the majority won't fall for it again and realize that promises have to be backed up by real solutions, and most solutions by hard cash to support them.

I usually don't get too agitated by politics but the more I hear things, the more I think "what a bunch of idiots!". I don't think that the recent (political?) conviction of Vlaams Blok for being a racist party will help much when it comes to stabilizing the political climate in Belgium, nor will the requirement for parties to get at least 5% of the votes. While most Europeans agree that the (factual) two party system of the USA stinks, it almost seems that the big 4 (VLD, SP.a, CV&V and Vlaams Blok) are trying to do the same. I doubt that Groen!, NV-A or Spirit will have any chance of survival, unless they team up with a bigger party - often resulting in assimilation over time.

While the June 13th elections deal with electing candidates/parties for the European Parliament as well as the Regional "powers that be" (Vlaams Raad), I think for most people it's all the same, and they don't make a difference between local, regional and european elections.

Anyway, the more I read and hear, the more I'm pushed towards one or two parties that appear to make less promises and instead come up with solutions. As I said before, solutions require money, and nobody likes paying too much taxes, but I'd rather pay 30% tax and see it be used well, as pay 20% tax and see it be wasted and thrown away.


Better not let any politicians read your last remark on the 30% taxes...they might take your word for it :-P

Lol, how much do you think you pay in taxes right now?

Read this article : http://www.johanweyts.be/modules/xfsection/article.php?articleid=30

It claims an average tax pressure of 46.2% in 2000-2003.

An earlier article (2003) (http://aps.vlaanderen.be/statistiek/nieuws/begroting/2003-05_belastingsdruk.htm) states an average of 45,6% of the BBP in 2002.

That's why I said a 30% average tax would be sweet!

You can actually play with the national budget here :


Have fun!

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