MT-Blacklist Emergency Upgrade

I get home to find - buried between over 350 spam mails - a mail stating there has been an emergency bug fix of Jay Allen's MT-Blacklist. It seems there has been quite a serious bug in the last versions, which results in MT-Blacklist not being able to decode encoded URL's.

Jay's warning about upgrading to the new version NOW is not a second too early, because after I upgraded the MT-Blacklist 1.64 I already found 11 spam comments on my blog, all posted today! It seems the spammers keep a very close watch on people that maintain tools to get rid of their crap.

Here's the list of IP's I've banned as a result of todays spam run :

Feel free to use the information as you like, either add them to your blog's ban list too, or just discard the IP's given.

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