The yearly event where 24 countries try their hardest to make themselves appear as morons has once again started. I've not heard any song - apart from the Belgian submission fo course - before, and I'll be judging las I did last year. However, this time no detailed comments on all entries, but rather some words about those songs that I think "worked".

The first entry that caught my ear in a way was that of Serbia & Montenegro. I this there was still something missing, but at least it wasn't as crappy as all the contestants that performed before them. Next thing that I noticed was the Ukrainian contestant, Ruslana. Man, what a vivid show, and the complete group just breathed power. Definitely a top 5 ranking, if they don't win. Too bad about the obviously fake tattoos, but I guess you can't have it all :)

This is also something that struck me as interesting. Quite a lot of performers had piercings or tattoos. I think I even noticed some stretched lobes (Tie Break) although they might have been fake. There were various artists with eyebrow piercings, I noticed multiple lobe piercings and possible a rook and labret as well.

More updates as the contest continues.

Xandee (Belgium) just performed and while not bad, I doubt we'll get much higher than a top 10. The act itself was something you'd more expect in a disco somewhere, not on Eurovision. Oh, and that mouth of Xandee, it's HUGE! She could easily have stuck the micro in completely and still be able to sing. She reminds me of Julia Roberts (the female Mick Jagger) and that ain't a good thing.

Update 22h31 : other noteworthy songs were brought by Greece and Poland. I wonder though why the Cyprus artist wanted to look like Barbara Streisand? And what's up - generally speaking - with the style breaks that seem so popular this year? Artists start singing in one style, then suddenly break into another one for a few lines, and then they pick up the original one again. Especially the southern styles seem popular somehow.

Update 22h43 : Sweden is also a contender for a top half ranking, even though the song is not too special, it has everything a Eurovision song requires.

Televoting starts now, but here is my top 5 :

1. Urkaine - Ruslana
2. Poland
3. Sweden
4. Belgium - Xandee
5. Serbia & Montenegro


hehe, 22th place for Belgium. She did better than that!

Ok, she deserved more points but still, she sang flat almost the whole time...and that dress definitely didn't match the upbeat tempo of the song...sorry Xandee but Ukraine was a lot lot lot lot.. better and they deserved their victory. Cool act too btw

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