WordPress 1.2 was released yesterday and today I upgraded my test blog that was still running version 1.02. It took me about 5 minutes to download the new version, extract it, upload it to the server, run the upgrade scrip, find and read the instructions to import my older MT entries and actually import them to WP 1.2.

5 minutes, can you imagine trying to do that with MT? The rebuild of over 1750 entries and close to 2000 comments alone would take longer than that, not including the actual importing, and all things that comes with it.

I might be starting to hack the WP templates tuesday evening and wednesday, read up on the WP tags and move the whole shebang away from MT. The only thing I'm not sure about yet is the security of WP, and especially version 1.2 since it's only been out a matter of hours.

Another thing I'll have to do is look into the transformation of the two other MT blogs I run (or techically manage) and how/if/when they should be moved as well. I can't do it all at once :)


I don't like WP ... no multiple blogs or authors for a start, which I need.

Hm... yes and no.

Multiple blogs I agree, since each blog would need a seperate install directory, although they can use the same DB. (Unlike MT which needs a seperate DB for each blog, unless I'm terribly wrong)

Multiple authors is supported, and it has a nice access level system that lets you set up what they can and can't do. I guess it could be more advanced, but it's quite comparable with what MT gave us in the past.

Multiple blogs is high on their list of things to add and when it does you'll be able to smush together all your current installations into one (assuming they are all in your database).

As for security, it is built on code which has been used extensively for something like four years so security issues have long since been worked out (there have been some but not for several years, this isn't MT after all). And since this version introduces encrypted passwords and such it's even more secure than before.

Just as long as you remember to turn off the 'anyone can register' thing, I do know some idiots who didn't and got stung. But even that's easier than ever now that it's part of the admin interface rather than an obscure config file like it used to be.

Um, that should say 'one database'. Which mine aren't incidentally. My databases are a mess.

*declares that her databases are also a mess*

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