Change of plans


So much for a fixed planning I'd say. Today our client contacted our site chef to bring him the (good) news that they'd like an extra team of guards for at least this month. Hence the sudden change of plans, and unfortunately, that has it's repercussions :

Sunday May 17th I was supposed to be off, but in the new planning I'm working. Sunday May 30th (when I had plans to spend my day in Holland) I'm working as well. In fact, I'll be working 3 out of 4 weekends in May, and where the first planning gave me just over 149 hours, the new planning states 181 hours. Financially worthwhile, that's for sure - or at least that's what I hope - but it sucks that I'll have to miss two events where I really wanted to be :(

Ah well... I guess that I'll be able to switch days and possibly take a day or two off when I worked here for a couple of months. By the way, the weather sucked majorly today, in case you didn't notice, and they expect the same for the rest of the week. What a great forcast :)


I think you have really weird hours, because I myself work an average 185-190 hours a month, and still have at least 8 days off. Strange ?!?

Yeah, you're strange indeed :) I've got 10 days off or so this month, so I guess it does make sense?

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