You know what sucks?


Going to bed early - if 01h00 is what one considers early - and then laying awake till 02h13, that's the last I remember, only to wake up as tired as one went to bed. This is a really bad way of preparing to start working again. Tomorrow morning I'm expected at the office 09h00 for more instructions and on thursday I start for real.

I just hope that the mailman decides to deliver a signed contract today (or they've got it at the company tomorrow) and my official guard ID card that's certified by the Ministry of Interal Affairs. If I've got those before thursday, I'm a happy camper.

OK, what's on my to-do list for today?

Check why my DeskJet printer is behaving erratically (it seems to print fine, so the problem is probably image related, not printer related) - pick up some tools - get food - meet with Little Wabbit (yay!) - do all kinds of chores (laundry etc) - dentist appointement

Update : OK, I managed to get some things done even though a letter from ABVV told me to come in within 8 days to reconfirm some things. It's a waste of time coz I start working on the 15th, but I decided to get it over and done with. Better keep everything tightly organised instead of having to run and search for papers later on.

Now : mailman, where is my Humo? - CM, where is my refund? - Almighty thing up there in the sky, where is my girlfriend? (Oh yes... I forgot. I don't believe in almighty things in the sky. Damn!)


Euhm, you don't need your ID card from the ministry to work. The first thing you need is your id card from the company you work for. The rest will follow.

Good luck with the job.

I know - but I like getting all my stuff organised upfront ;)

You do know that you are talking about a Ministry of Belgium that has to do something FOR you !! :-)

A co-worker has received his badge the same time as I did, only he works as a security officer for 4 years now !!??

Wow... I guess that must have been a replacement ID then, or maybe he recently took an additional course that gave him extra qualifications that required an update of his ID?

I'm picking up my "battle dress" and company badge tomorrow.

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