Why is life so expensive?

Around noon I stopped at the bank and withdrew exactly 140 euro (about USD170).

Then I went out and got some things I needed, or needed to get done - follow me :

Stop 1. Petstore, to pick up food and litter for the fuzzies (30 euro)
Stop 2. Oilchange for car (35 euro + a 1.5 hour wait)
Stop 3. (while waiting for the oil change) Picked up a blanket I needed (29.55)
Stop 4. Got a card for a special someone and bought a book (Stupid White Men) (14.49)
Stop 5. Had something to eat (9.15)

Total : 118.19

Things left to do : Appointement at the vet later tonight and get fuel for the car. I don't think I'll make it with the 21.81 that remains. Back to the bank I guess, I better start working soon!

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