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The doc said I don't see too well - or did he say that my long distance vision sucks completely? - and maybe I should have it looked at. In a way I agree, and I've known it for years too. It's just that in everyday life that condition doesn't bother me in the least. Ah well... maybe I should do something about it?

I got fed up with some things and in a "gentle" (although some might not see it like that) way told some people to either shut up or do it themselves. Nothing personal at all, but I just had enough of the endless discussing about the subject.

Work's been good and the weather was wonderful - it's lovely cycling around in the sun all day, and I'll be doing more for the next three days. No work this weekend (it seems I misread the planning) and on monday and tuesday I'll be alone on TGC. Then wednesday-thursday-friday I get a late shift and training for the team. Which is damn cool if you ask me! Various sources have dropped hints that Group 4 Falck strongly advised the person responsable for this client to keep me around after the revision. That means I'd have a nice and good fixed position pretty soon (a matter of months) with a good chance of taking on more responsable tasks over time. I'm looking forward to that, although I'd rather want to learn how to crawl and walk in this job, before I start running.

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Good to hear everything's going so well with your job.

anyway, you're right about ending that discussion subject... just don't delete all the mails you get after your final mail ok

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