What a day


lots and lots of things happened, but I'm too tired to go into detail. Here is a short wrap-up of events though (most didn't involve me) :

1. never open containers marked with signs that show the "radioactive" label
2. don't put people that are not used to cycling on mobile patrol. It'll cause them to fall - or as a colleague called it "a sudden gust of gravity" - and severely sprain their foot
3. containters that need to be weighed when they leave the plant, should also have been weighed when they got in. If you can find them, that is.
4. instead of working a 06h30 to 16h45 dayshift tomorrow, I'm taking the place of a colleague that had the early shift, so I'll start at 06h00 and leave at 14h00. I'll have to get up shortly past 04h00 so I'm off to bed in less than an hour.

That's it for now!


I guess that as long you don't start glowing in the dark everything will be just fine :-)

Well, it wasn't me, and I saw that colleague today but he look fine. However, if it would have been nuclear fuel, we'd have been in a totally different kind of situation.

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