Waterfall 2004


I went over to Joco & Eef's place yesterday to pick up some stuff, and play with my godson Alex. Damn, that boy grows so fast and is so full of energy - it's simply amazing. His vocabulary is improving fast and it's very funny to hear him pronounce words that as still a little to difficult.

My sis also came over and the four of us spend quite a few hours in the garden after we put Alex to bed. Just chatting about all kinds of things all evening long is fun. Joco and I discussed his new "waterfall 2004" project that he has in mind and I think we'll be able to do it and really complete the little pond!

Today I've slept in - to 07h30 - and now I'm off to get some papers filled out so I can mail them to my employer, then I'll do some shopping and leave for work (14h00 - 22h00 shift today). I like this more than the freakingly early 06h30 - 17h30 shifts!

Update : I arrived at the union a few minutes to 08h30 only to find out when it was my turn, that they were not the ones that had to fill out the forms. I had to be at the regional office of RVA, so I drove over to Antwerp, hunted down a parking spot and luckily was in and out in less than 15 minutes, both documents signed, stamped and filled out. I'm gonna send them off to Group 4 Falck now, and then I'm gonna go shopping for a little black book, so I can write down all the phone numbers of my sex crazy girlfriends that I need during my job.


You know what's strange.. you have to work longer hours during the day than at night. Any explanation for that??

No, not really. I guess it's just so we can do a single dayshift to compensate for missing hours or something like that. Depending on what task you're doing during your day/night you work either one of these :

normal dayshift (06h30-16h30) : 10 hours
dayshift in TGB (05h30-16h30) : 11 hours
early, late and night shift : 8 hours

So in theory one could ask to only do regular dayshifts and work 16 days every month to get to the required amount of hours. Sounds better than it is though :)

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