Too good to pass up


These are excerpts from someones online page, and how she describes herself. I'll let them speak for themself.

Kimberly - 22. I won't let anyone close.
I support President Bush.
I'm a smoker (8 years). I'll never quit
I drink alcohol whenever possible.
I crave intelligent conversations.
Infomercials can entertain me for endless hours.
I don't like people or public places.
I was in rehab 5 years ago and it opened my eyes to a lot
I have depression, OCD, and borderline personality disorder.
I spit, swear, belch and act perverted.
I spend all my money on shoes and pocketbooks
Onions, snakes, and ferrits should be wiped out.
I have a very strong dislike for receiving oral sex.
I love sleeping...all day every day if I could.

Now, I said I wouldn't comment, but I can't stop myself. How do you breed this kind of stupid people? Well, at least we know that with her supporting Bush, smoking and drinking as much as she can, the chance that she procreates becomes quite a lot smaller, statistically seen - or at least, that's what I hope.

Oh, Kimberly, dear moron... If you want all ferrets wiped out, at least learn how to write the word properly.


Alas my friemd, the world is filled with idiots such as this, thankfully with the great power of the internet they continue to expose themselves for our amusement....

Oh,i by the way, been lurkin' for a while, thought it was time I spoke up.

yeah, she has her faults

but did you miss the part where she says - and i quote - "I have a very strong dislike for receiving oral sex."


thanks for outing youself as a regular reader :) You're totally right about the internet exposing idiots, although sometimes I guess that the internet could pretty much do without them!


I didn't miss it, but I just didn't want to comment on it. I leave it up to my readers to make up their mind in regards to the oral sex part, after all we all have our personal favorites, right? It wouldn't be fair to call anyone a moron or an idiot because they don't like oral sex. I guess though that she should be off much better if she used her mouth a bit more for that instead of opening it to speak ;)

(Yes, that was rude, I know. It also was not totally correct because she doesn't like to "receive" oral sex, but I don't care)

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