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Because people are probably wondering - and have been asking - what exactly my job is right now, I'll give you a short rundown of what I do all day long, apart from just "standing" there. Needless to say, I've left out specific data that is either boring, doesn't add to the description, or is too specific to disclose.

I check the badges of incoming and outgoing personnel, visitors and contractors that are working on site. This includes - depending on who we are checking - a vehicule check, weight measurements (of trucks), checking and clearing various allowed and forbidden chemicals, materials and tools.

It sounds boring, but it's a rather diverse job that keeps you busy all day long, especially when you're working alone and a truck arrives or departs that needs to be measured, there are contractors waiting to get in or out, and some of the clients own personnel wants to get on site to start their job.

Next week I was scheduled to get training on the mobile guarding part, but I asked for one additional day on TGC to make sure I get most of the basic things down. I feel pretty confident already, yet every day I meet new things I've not done before. One extra day won't help me get all on top of all possible situations, but it'll reinforce my knowledge of the every day things that happen.

Yesterday for instance, we had a nuclear warning on one of the trucks that was cued to leave the site, and was on the bridge to get it's weight checked. We shut down the incoming and outgoing traffic and contacted the people that handle radiation to come over and do manual checks on the truck. The truck was still there as I ended my shift, and today I saw the same driver again so I asked him how the checks turned out. He told me they measured radiation, had him head back and leave the container for a thorough cleansing.

Today we had a bunch of people that got blocked during entering (in most of the cases due to them leaving too fast or not following proper procedures) as well as some contractors that had to have their privileges reset/adapted/changed.

About 30 minutes before my shift ended, we had lots and lots of radio activity (although on our portable radios, not of the nuclear kind) and several of the big shots of security hurried off from their desks. It turned out there was an individual intruding a certain part of the site, so from the control room a complete parkign lot was closed and secured, gates were locked and additionnal security personnel was dispatched to the area. I was - of course - not one of them, as I'm a trainee and I wasn't working mobile anyway. The situation was still ongoing as I ended my shift and as far as I know right now, is still status quo. I might call the site later tonight to hear how it ended.


today on friedkitten, next week on vt4
het leven zoals het is: flak 4 securiy

En de week erop 'het geslacht *name removed*' op den BRT

Misschien interessanter: *name removed* Geslacht !!!

Kiekens, gullie zijt allemaal kiekens :p

En, wat zijn de eerste indrukken van de job?

Lange dagen mor wel interessant so far - en er zijn nog veel andere dingen die ik op diene site kan doen, dus elke week iets nieuws :)

Altijd dezelfde shiften ook ofwa?

Momenteel opleiding enkel via dag diensten ja, da zou ongeveer 1 maand duren, alhoewel ik verwacht da we al rappen alleen in de field gaan bezig zijn. En dag diensten is 06h30 - 16h30. Eens da we de job kunnen/kennen komen er ook vroege, late en nachten bij, en weekends etc.

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