So screwed

Last night - or was it even two days ago, I don't recall - I did an ugrade of my firewall to a newer release. Everything appeared to have gone smoothly, but after the required reboot, my machine just refused to boot into windows XP. After some tinkering and creative shortcuts, I was able to uninstall the firewall, clean up the mess and attempt a clean install. This time everthing went much smoother, and even after a reboot I was greeted with my XP wallpaper.

However, I was not pleased with the new functionality of the recent version. It no longer had the possibility to block access to some applications for only some protocols, yet allow everything else to pass through. Let me give you an example :

I want my mail client to use ports 25 and 110 (POP3 and SMTP) but there is no need for it to use 80 (HTTP) or 443 (HTTPS) since it's only used to load inline images in mail - something that is way to often used as a tracker for spam mail. In the old version of my firewall, I could easily block that - with the new version I hunted and searched all screens, only to give up in dispear.

In addition to that set back, I also noticed that whenever I tried writing a CD, it froze at the most unexpected times, completely freezing the system - not even killing the process was a solution. I decided to kick off the upgraded version to see if it restores my machine to it's clean and healthy state it was before.

Apparently not. CD writing is still a game of poker, although the freezes seem to be less frequent, and it boots nicely all the time. I guess the only thing left now is to back up all my data, and start a clean install of windows, something I'm not particulary fond of, even though it might be the only solution left. It's been a solid 1.5 years of operation without crashes, data loss or corruption, and a 24/7 service - yes, I never turn my machine off.

Has the time come to start all over again? :(

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