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I went over to my grandma's place to discuss some work that needs to be done in the house she's about to sell. The buyer wants some things changed, and we'll be doing it for him.

I just called Group 4 Falck because I didn't receive any notice yet about where I gotta be next week, and since I start on thursday april 15th, it would be nice to know. Apparently, the guy dealing with all of it has taken a few days off from work, but I talked to Joske and she'll be mailing me when they know more. One of the colleagues I met at the training course told me he was expected on wednesday April 14th at 09h00, so I guess it'll be the same for me

(Just got a call to confirm that date and time.)

What else is new? I gotta go over to my dad's place later tonight to pick up a spare monitor, so I can easily work on a machine from a client that I got here - it needs some things (re)configured. I think that this afternoon I'll go over to Zwijndrecht to pick up ferret food and litter and I should make an appointement with the vet as well to check out Tisha. She's been coughing and sneezing a lot lately, and she doesn't come out to play too much anymore, so I better get her checked out.

(Just made the appointement, gotta be there tonight at 19h15.)

Oh, Shelley. I'll have to ban you permanently from posting comments at this blog. I can't have anyone who has sex and a better/flashier/cooler home theatre system making fun of me on my own blog ;)

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