It's a good thing that people don't reach the age of 60 every year, as it would be deadly. Yes, yesterday was the "suprise" birthday party for Hilda, and although she definitely knew a lot was going on, I'm convinced she still was suprised to see what exactly it all was.

We (the organising team that is) arrived around 17h00 and started preparing everything for the party. Some people were putting up decorations, filling up balloons and while the band (Understatement) was unpacking and testing all their material, Dimi and I were busy installing two laptops, and setting up the beamer for the continuous slideshow with photographs of Hilda.

While normally they always arrive late, last night Bobke & Hil arrived at least 20 minutes early so they ran right into the soundcheck I was doing with the laptop. Ah well, it was working fine so it wasn't a problem to skip most of it and go right into the playlist with "easy listening music" while the guests arrived.

I'm not going to write out everything that happened, but we got a nice show from the band - about 2 hours of (rock) covers, if you're interested in booking Understatement, check their site! - and a friend of Hilda had prepared a little sketch as well. Fun fun fun, although some of the older people were complaining : "too loud - what's all that noise - does this go on much longer?" about the band. Well, I guess that's the generation gap because I enjoyed it and most "young" people did if you ask me.

Hilda gave us a very nice show on stage too (Peter Koelewijn and His Rockets anyone?) and around 00h30 we finally dove into the "prehistoric" part of the evening with Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Chubby Checker. It was kinda hard to keep the oldies rolling (both on the dancefloor as well as from the laptop) but it didn't matter much because Hilda enjoyed it. By 01h30 or 02h00 most people were leaving and we switched to a mixture of mostly 70'ies and 80'ies music. Taking everything down and packing up took almost an hour and we closed the doors around 3.

By that time some people were wasted and even beyond wasted so I gathered all of them in my car and dropped them of at Puldercity where some were still alive enough to start unpacking the numerous gifts, whereas others crashed in the nearest sofa and drifted off into Lala land.

I'm up already because I gotta be asleep again in less than 12 hours, but first I'm gonna check the 62 photographs I made, delete those that are crap and then upload them - not in the FK gallery though, as I'm running out of space.

This reminds me I also have to mail the pictures of the band to that cutie who gave me her e-mail address.


I'm (back) alive and kicking.

The Limburgians have also survived this awesome party !!

Hilda: You were great (en kom nu maar van dat dak af) !!
Bobke: You were great !!
Jess: Glad to have you back :-)
Nadia: Still awaiting your pictures, please place a censored ribbon on one of them (and Jerry don't laugh)
Marianne: Excelent organisation !!
Jerry: Good music and surroundings !!

Understatement: Thanks a lot !!

Lol - we rule ;)

Remind me to give you a call when I turn 60, since you obviously know how to give a kick arse party :D

Shelley, why wait till you turn 60?? ;-)

Dimi, don't worry about that pic. Already deleted haha.

Sorry you'll have to wait 2 weeks for the other pics

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