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I had to get up quite early, as you probably noticed if you looked at the time of the previous two posts. We had a powerpoint presentation at Group 4 Falck in regard to additional safety measurements that are used at the site of our client (only 220 slides full of information) which took us a bit over 1 hour to get through.

Then I picked up my clothing (a huge box, filled with amongst other things : 3 shirts, 3 polo-shirts, 2 pants, safety shoes and goggles, helmet, scarf, 2 ties, one parka, 2 sweaters, belt etc) and we left for the site of our client, which is situated in the harbor of Antwerp. Reaching it was a pain in the ass though, as there are traffic jams everywhere due to all the construction sites most roads in Antwerp have been turned into. Luckily one of us knew the way and lead us straight to the right spot.

We took the test in order to get clearance and a badge to work on site (I scored a nice 19/20) and one of my colleagues will be starting tomorrow with me, another one on the 19th and the fourth one on the 22nd.

Yes, this is it. This is the last day of relative freedom for me! Tomorrow at 07h00 I'm expected on site to start my on-the-job-training. Imagine that... working from 07h00 (and I think it's even from 06h30 all other days) till 16h30 - those are damn long days. Ah well... I'll get used to it, I hope ;)


Well, If you don't like you can always can come work on my post. We sometimes do 6-18 shifts :-)

Lol, that's even worse ;)

I do wonder though... ain't there limits on home many hours you're allowed to do per week/month? Or is all of it just paid as overtime, well that suits me I guess.

These are "regular" day jobs though, it'll take about a month before I move into shift work.

The rules are:
- not more than 12 hours a day
- not more than 70 hours a week
- not more than 190 hours per month
- and from there on it is looked at per kwartaal (don't know the English word).

For example: if you do 195 hours on one month, you will be paid out for 190 hours, and the five hours will be taken to the next month. Until their is a month where you don't have enough hours, and then they'll give you the five hours.

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