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Over the past couple of days, the hosting company that I use has been forced to disable access to two MT scrips, effective immediately. Since I know there people don't take this kind of serious measurements unless absolutely necessary, I suggest you take a look whether or not you've got these scripts installed as well.

1. MT Plugin Manager (mt-pm.cgi - 3rd party plugin, not included in MT core files) - Reason : high server load
2. mt-send-entry.cgi (Part of a standard MT install) - Reason : spamming possible through certain versions of the script.

On all MT powered domains under my control, the MT plugin manager has never been installed, and the mt-send-entry.cgi script has now been disabled manually, in addition to the host based filtering.

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All the way back in November, there was a bug found in a script that came with Moveable Type (MT). It was a little used script file, mt-send-entry.cgi, that spammers could use to relay email spam from your site. They... Read More


The plugin manager has gone through several reincarnations recently for precisly this reason ... I understand the most recent version is ok, but I don't follow or use it myself, so I could easily be wrong there.

Wasn't the other script fixed in 2.661? If I recall, around January they released a fixed version because the old script was open to exploit ...

I don't know about the Plugin Manager either since I don't use it, but apparently (and the same goes for the send-entry script) people don't keep up to date and keep running unpatched versions of those scripts.

Too bad it has to lead to problems for all those that keep up-to-date :(

Aint that the truth!

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