Loomax DVD X-50


I've never really needed a standalone DVD player, since I've got everything I need DVD wise on my PC. However, as I was browsing some stores yesterday, I noticed the Loomax DVD X-50 player for a mere 99 euro.

That seemed quite reasonable to me, especially if it were capable of playing everything the leaflet claims : DVD, DivX (3.x, 4.x and 5.x), CD-R, CD-RW, MPEG4, CD, MP3, Photo CD (JPEG). Quite a long list, and to be honest, I never heard of the brand before, so I wrote down all it's details and started browsing the web this morning.

I've found quite some positive posts about the Loomax DVD X-50 unit, and they all reported that Loomax had upgraded the firmware for the drive, and this would enable it to also play subtitles on DivX movies. One post even stated that it also plays XViD, although I've not seen it listed on the Loomax site itself, nor have I tested it (yet).

To make a long story short(er) : this afternoon I picked up one of the players, a scartcable and some Jackie Chan movie that was discounted to 2.99 euro. Lol, even if it sucks majorly, it's still worth the price, right?

Installing it was no problem at all, and I immediately downloaded and flashed the player to firmware version 2.0 to enable all functions. It's capable of displaying PAL/NTSC formats (not that I'll ever need it) and it can be switched to whatever region my heart desires simply by pressing some buttons on the (included) remote control. A remote that comes with batteries as well - nice.

So far, I'm quite pleased with my purchase... anyone wanna join me for a porn-a-thon? Lol! Nothing as good to test a new DVD player as a bunch of DivX, XViD and DVD porn movies : fastforward, rewind, slow, double slow, zoom, 8x zoom, pause, switch disk... <grin>

While I might have to adapt my final score later on, based on my first impressions, the use of the unit, the packaging, design, firmware updates and the price, this one gets an easy 8.5 out of 10, maybe even a 9. If you don't have a DVD player yet, and are looking into buying one soon, make sure you take a look at this baby, baby.


I like my computers DVD player well enough too, but it wasn't enough for Boyd. So late last year he bought a fancy schmancy Sony home theatre system. Not only a five disk CD/DVD players but surround sound, minidisk, tape and record players, etc. So I bet my DVD player kicks your DVD player's arse :-P

I bet your total purchase amount kicks my total purchase amount too ;)

We got ours for only 89 euros last year at the media markt and we are very satisfied with the player :)

Mine is a Media Market purchase too, that store is so wonderful!

Well, considering I get to use it any time I want and all I have to do is have sex with the person who bought it, I think I'm doing better than you on that count too :-P

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