As some of you might have noticed, I pulled a little April Fools day joke out of my hat yesterday. I've had 2 mails concerning it, and I know of at least two more people that were a bit confused with the page I served them instead.

If you didn't happen to see it, take a look here : April Fools Day 2004 at

Now, what did I really do today, apart from making up silly geeky jokes and pages? I got up around 09h00 and read my mail, constructed the silly April Fools Day joke and then went shopping. It's not like I really needed stuff, but the fridge was empty - apart from a mouse that's long deceased due to starvation - and I thought about getting some new clothes for the Launch Party tonight (links in a previous post somewhere).

I did end up getting myself two new t-shirts (that I didn't really need, but I just love t-shirts) and I got myself a very nice new watch. Take a look at it here : Sector 200 Date Gents. It was a little more expensive than I was planning on spending, but I had been looking at various models for close to an hour, and this one was the only one that I found simple, yet appealing. All the others had either a multitude of knobs, buttons, functions and colors, or were massive chunks of steel, and shiny as hell. I don't want such a watch, I want one that tells me the time and the date, and is simple yet stylish.

Then only thing I didn't figure out yet, is what button I gotta push or turn to get dates with women - I guess it's burried deep into the multilangual manual.

Which leads me to the next thing that happened. I went to the Lucid Lights Launch party in Carr´┐Ż, and I was kinda disappointed with it all. Sure, they were experiencing lots and lots of technical difficulties that caused a delay of about 1.5 hours, as well as them only being able to show 25% of the systems capabilities, but if they can fix those issues, they have something pretty cool. I think especially advertising could benefit from it, the marketing boys will just love this product.

What I did miss though, was the bunch of invited celebrities, the cool chicks, the on-stage dancers and things like that. No Miss Belgium to been seen anywhere, no Tanja Dexters either :( Sure, there never was any confirmation that they would be there, but still... one can hope, right?

Tomorrow - although technically today - I'll be signing my death sentence contract and in the afternoon I'll be meeting with a client. Friday evening I'll probably go out with the friends of the course. Saturday I should catch up on what I neglected so far this week (scrubbing floors) and on sunday we celebrate my dad's birthday.

Oh, and I've got an idea for a new website, but it's nothing more as a vague plan in my head so far.


Congratulations with your new job !!!

I met Tania Dexters a few weeks ago in a striptease bar (don't ask what I was doing there) and she is really cool. I laughed a lot with her and in real life she looks even better.

Congratulations with your job, I'm also back at work since 15 march.

Thanks for the congrats Steph & Zworkske!

Steph, congratulations to you too, you should update your blog every now and then though, then I can stay up to date :)

Damn, now I really wanna meet Tanja! If what you say is true (and I have no reason to doubt it) she is funny, even more gorgeous and she doesn't mind going to a striptease bar. Yay!

I'm not gonna ask what you were doing in that bar, because I know : you were having a good time ;)

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