Today was much better for me - instead of walking around all day long, I get a mobile guard training today, which consists - majorly - in cycling around all day. Therefore, my feet don't hurt, but my ass is sore. Of course there is more to it than cycling around the site, because we had a list of gates and doors that I have to memorize by location and reference number so that when requested, I can cycle to it, open it so others can do their job and then close and secure it again.

We've seen quite a large part of those today, although not all of them. About 30 minutes into the shift of the regular mobile guard - who has three of us in tow - he was called the the main building to transport someone to the hospital by ambulance. Yes, that's also something we handle. I rode along and helped where needed. It was also a good opportunity to get to know the regular guard, as we met only 30 minutes before.

By the time we got back, it was 16h00 and as my day shift ends at 16h30, I was placed in the guard control room to aid and assist in the releasing of the flock. It's that time of day when a major part of the personnel ends their day and they all try to head home as soon as possible. It's a busy 15 to 30 minutes in which there is lots of traffic and badge registrations going on. A good way to end the day.

Picked up food and water for tonight and tomorrow and I'm ready for a new day!

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