I hate the world

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because it obviously decided to hate me too today. It started off kinda normal but when I arrived at work everything decided to take a turn for the worst. It seems that some people like arriving at work, separated 2 to 5 minutes apart, so that the period of time it too long to stay around and wait for them, and to short to walk over to your - far from comfortable - chair and sit down. Thus you end up walking back and forth all day long, thanks to a bunch of idiots.

After that "rush" is gone, it was dead calm... for 15 to thirty minutes and then once again everyone was arriving at the same time. People wanting to go in, people wanting to leave, cyclists joing both the incoming and outgoing stream (they require manual processing, no matter what), trucks arriving, waiting and departing, weight measurements to be taken and badges that had incorrect privileges. In short : total chaos!

Anyway, I survived so far and was able to untangle the fucked up mess. Now my feet hurt and my back aches, and tomorrow is another day of the same torture. When I tried getting home, I ended up in a traffic jam - one would say I better get used to it, but I refuse - that seamlessly flowed into the next traffic jam. If I'm correct, I'll be having these kinds of problems every day now, and the bad news is, is that there is NO backup route as far as I know. It's just "we're working on this road for the next couple of weeks/months and if you're fucked, too bad".

When I finally got home and stopped at the store, they didn't have any baskets left at the entrance, so I carried my purchases around in my arms, and when I left it was impossible to find a parking spot near my place. After a couple of tours round the block, I found one not too far away. When I was right in the middle of the street, the pack of water (6x1.5 liter) decided to rip and break, dropping bottles of water all over the place. Go figure... that was the final drop I think : the world hates me today, although I've got no clue what the fuck I did wrong?!

I'm off to see if I can patch up my feet for more torture tomorrow, and I'm hiding for the rest of the evening. Maybe I'll go catch a movie tomorrow evening, since I've got a late shift on wednesday. Anyone wanna join me?

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Yes, I want to go to the movies with you! I'll bring the popcorn!

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