Fuzzy update : Tisha

A couple of days ago, I took Tisha to the vet because she kept on coughing and sneezing. She clearly had lots of problems breathing and when listening to her lungs - even without a stethoscope - it sounded like a deep rumbling sound. Not good at all.

However, today is her third day on antibiotics (Siroxyl and Vibravet 0.25 ml twice a day and 1/4 of a Baytril 15mg tablet daily) and she's doing much much better. Almost no more sneezing, coughing and she's more active as well. 7 more days to go, and then I'll know if my little carpetshark is cured. Bono and Max are still the regular fuzzies, chasing food and hiding it all over the place.

This concludes the update.

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