First complete week

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How does this sound to you :

wake up early, drive through a misty landscape and stay inside till you see the sun rise. Then set out on your bike as sunrays starts lighting up spots here and there. You feel the temperature rise slow but steadily as the night fades. When you look up, you see a clear blue sky and birds singing. Suddenly a squeek from your portable radio that directs your attention to a job at hand, away from the wonderful conditions.

You dive into a noisy industrial area, come across some workers and open the gate that was requested. About 25 minutes later you are outside, cycling around under a clear blue sky once again. I'm convinced that in summer time, the assignment as a mobile guard totally rocks.

Unfortunately, monday and tuesday I'll be working 10 hour shifts at TGC - something that is less enjoyable - but starting wednesday I'm set up for team training, working the late shift (and my first weekend, which includes an official holiday on may 1st - show me the money!) with a bunch of guys that I get along with pretty well. I think I like my job so far :)

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And you will enjoy the assignment as mobile guard even more in the winter :-)

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