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When I started running my various category pages through the W3C XHTML validator I should have known upfront that they wouldn't validate, because I had imported old (blogger) entries into MT. And those very first blogger entries were coded in HTML3.1 or 4, I don't even recall, but they certainly are not XHTML compliant.

I've been working for the past hour or so on cleaning up the biggest mess and managed to go from 379 errors when validating the "normal" category to only 57 at the last count. While I type up this entry I'm doing a complete rebuild of all 1700+ entries in this blog, the monthly archives and the category archives. It'll take a while, that's for sure!

What will the end result be? Nothing major, just less coding errors/warnings on my blog when validating it, a couple of hours wasted and another geeky post.

Sounds like me :)


You have to rebuild entries? How painful. And archaic. I'm so glad I use a proper blogging tool. :-P

Of course I use an archaic tool, the world doesn't trust me (anymore) with high-tech and powerful equipment!

Oh, and you can forget about that party ;)

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