Few minutes past seven - man that's frigging early for me. This course - and possibly the job - better be good!

Lol, I'm doing a test drive todat to see how much time it'll take me to get there. I'd rather not wait till monday to come to the conclusion that it takes me an hour longer as expected, although one can never be sure over here. Traffic is a pain in the butt lately and with all the preparations going on to prevent a complete traffic cardiac arrest in June, we get a small cardiac arrest daily instead.

I've taken a quick look at the map and I don't think that I can reach my destination without getting stuck in a building site somewhere along the route. Oh well, that's why I like to be prepared.

After I've reached my destination, I'll turn around and head for the gallery that framed my prints and pick those up. I'm excited about seeing them, but not so excited about actually transporting them, coz they could end up being quite fragile. Let's hope I get them home without too much trouble.

Update : I made it home safely, and the prints are great. The 'test drive' didn't really give me a lot of information though : it took me 25 minutes to get there, but I think traffic was really easy, no real bottlenecks anywhere. I think I'll be departing at 07h45 again on monday and then adjust depending on the outcome of the drive during a rainy day, with lotsa traffic.


Goodluck and be careful with the transportation of the prints.

I made it home safely, thanks! Now I only gotta trash my walls and hang them babies...

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