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Damn... Just got back from the dentist and I thought he'd actually do some work today, but it turns out this was just a damage assessment visit. 6 cavities sounds like quite a lot, and I agree... it is a lot, but when taking into consideration that the last time I've seen a dentist was about 5 years ago, it's not so suprising if you ask me.

Anyway, on tuesday we start working on everything needed and will continue for a couple of weeks. If I can manage to get it all done sooner, I'll definitely push for that option though. I'd like to waste as less time as possible, because that really is the only reason I always postpone visits to the dentist : time. I don't mind the actual work, and those who yell "but it hurts!" are either wussies, or have a bad dentist. The worst part of it all is the actual sedation being applied, and the rubbery mouth afterwards.

He gave my teeth a quick tooth plaque cleaning though, resulting in my teeth looking even worse as before my visit. Pretty strange if you ask me. Anyway, my point is this : a job where you can charge 51 euro for under 30 minutes of work, I'd like one of those ;)

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