What the fuck?

Did anyone see a gigantic billboard somewhere that lists my phonenumber with a plea to call me tonight? There must be something like that out there though, as I've been bombarded with phonecalls so far :

Call 1 : Diane, asking why MSN Messenger starts automatically, even though we turned that behavior off last time
Call 2 : Raveman, asking something about a failed harddisk
Call 3 : Diane, to complain that she can't get on the internet
Call 4 : Diane again, to ask how she had to close the dos window that I had her open during call 3
Call 5 : Filip, asking for an update in regard to the bankruptcy of ICT Assistance

Who'll be next? I hope it'll be this nice chick (another picture here), because she can call me anytime! Sure, she wears "fake tattoo" clothes, but that can be turned into a nice real full body suit. Yummy

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