What a day


I've been quite busy, if I say so myself. I got to Puldercity around 9h30, picked up the other volvo 440 (pictures available now) and exchanged necessary things like fire extinguisher, safety triangle, then got the papers out to check everything was there, called the insurance company to tell them about the change and after chatting with Hilda for a while I arrived at the technical control center (or whatever the correct name is in english) around 12h00.

I got back out at 13h30, € 33.5 poorer, but with a clean certificate. Drove over to Pulle to drop of the papers for the insurance and stopped at Puldercity again to exchange the new windshieldwipers of the old car to the new one. Maybe I should have saved myself the trouble, because as I was changing the passenger side one, the handle fell down, leaving a nice hole in the windshield. The small hole itself wouldn't be so bad, but the glass itself also cracked in various directions, talk about bad luck.

Anyway, those things happen and I accept them as they come, even if it was due to my own stupidity. Just went to a car center to ask what a replacement windshield would cost me, and for a quoted price of € 205 I'll be set. I gotta be there on wednesday at 08h00 sharp. While I really didn't have any intention to replace the windshield for the white spots at the top, the matter was literally taken out of my hands... the thing is being replaced.

Stopped by a photographer this morning but they're closed on sundays and mondays - bad luck. I'll see if I can do it tomorrow or on wednesday. Thursday is interview day in Zaventem and friday evening I'll be participating in a music quizz with (and organised by) some friends.


well if you want to pop in for a coffee on thursday - we're not far away!

Ah, thanks for the offer Zoe, but I'll be busy from 12h00 till 16h30 or something like that, and by the time they're done asking me questions I probably won't even remember my own name :p

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