Just got a call, a few minutes past twelve to wish me a happy birthday. It were my dad and Hilda and dad jokingly asked me if he was the first one to wish me a happy one, lol. Of course he was, it being 00h03!

Anyone else wanting to call me, you can do so tomorrow (tuesday) morning from 07h15 till 07h45 and then after I get back home - that should be around 18h00 at the latest I think. Or just leave your congrats in the comments here.

I gotta thank Little Wabbit for the nice e-card, and the bunch of international birthdaycards I got from IAM/BME friends (YoungMom, amberosia, Hhrut, fishywoman, LipBiter, Bella and doldrums) and the very nice card I got from Vanilla, although that one wasn't birthday related but still mighty sweet.

Thanks everyone!


Happy Birthday !!!


Mateke: ne gelukkige he!!!!! t'is nie meer normaal da gij zo vroeg al weg zij, kbel a strakswel nog effe

Gelukkige verjaardag!!
How typical of Hilda and Bob to be the first ones lol

Een fantastische en plezierige verjaardag gewenst. Ik wou je dit kaarje sturen maar ze aanvaarden je email adres niet.

Have fun and enjoy the extra attention! :)

Thanks for the wishes everyone!

Joco : tell me about it, getting up this early is... unnatural!

Tine, thanks for the very fitting card :)

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