Things I gotta do

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This weekend :

1. saturday "morning" : do laundry, wash dishes and shop
2. saturday afternoon/evening : food & theatre in Puldercity
3. saturday/sunday : catch up on sleep
4. saturday and sunday : entertain the ferrets (and clean their cage)
5. sunday (all day) : study about 220 pages

Next week :

Monday : last class (morning) and examination (afternoon)
Tuesday : morning appointement with the dentist - scrub floors - shop for gift
Wednesday : fill out and send job application(s) - win lottery?
Thursday : follow up financial statements and expenses - Demo party from Lucid Lights at Carr� with Joco & Eef (evening)
Friday : meeting with "client", party with fellow students in the evening
Saturday : I might go to the Amersfoort Tattoo convention and meet with Free and Sleeve
Sunday : birthday party in Puldercity

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Goodluck with the 'examination' tomorrow afternoon.

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