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I've just come across this nice article : Doc backs nose picking and I don't care what you think about it, I think it makes sense.

I've totally forgotten about my dream this morning - well, it's still there but I'm too lazy to start looking for the correct words to both express my feelings and moods as well as the facts and things that happened in it. Let's just keep it at "it was a weird dream and I woke up before we could/should/had to save to world".

Oh, I passed my exam. Two fellow students failed (one of them quite badly, the other one has to retake one class) and everyone else passed with rather good grades, although none of them came close to my 89% grade. I know grades don't matter and only a pass is needed, but still... it's nice to know :p


'k zou toch graag het vervolg kennen. Moeten we de wereld redden Jerre? ;)

Erm... I woke up before we got to the "save the world and rescue the princess" part, but I've mailed you with what I remember of my dream. I hope you're not too disappointed ;)

Are you also doing 'Persoonscontrole' or don't they give it anymore?

Congratulions with your result :-)

Nah, persoonscontrole geven ze niet meer via de VDAB, dat moet ge ofwel op eigen kosten gaan volgen, ofwel via de firma waarda ge in dienst gaat. 'K zoek in elk geval wel te zien da ik da kan doen op een of andere manier, want 't is toch wel een belangrijk stuk. CIT heeft weinig zin, want het aantal waardetransporten daalt constant, en IAA enzo is misschien wa moeilijk om mee te beginnen.

Congratulations brother !!!


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