Scary stuff

I just had one of the scariest dreams ever. I don't know how all the elements got together, or where I picked them up, but it wasn't cool at all.

I've been awake for 5 minutes now, and the images are already fading, but I'll try to tell you what was going on. We were at a dinner party, organised by some company that I don't really know. I was invited indirectly and showed up with Little Wabbit. As we were at the party, they started a demonstration of their newest invention/techniques and people immediately became very enthousiastic about it all. I wasn't too taken away by it all, yet not sceptical yet. Only after we started to check certain things during the presentation, we noticed that it appeared to be a fraud of some kind, yet we were the only ones to see through it all.

Then E. turns up and she is one of the two people that have agreed to test the new techniques, something that Little Wabbit and I are not too pleased with, for various reasons.

I gotta go now, so I'll try to complete the story when I get back home after the exam

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