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Lemme see what happened since my last update? I dropped off the prints at a professional framing company and I'll be able to pick them back up next week (friday). Expensive, but probably well worth it.

Went to a music quizz yesterday and had tons of fun. Thanks everyone for the enjoyable evening out. Got home quite late, so I slept in till 13h00 today, although I was awake around 08h00 only to fall back asleep.

Had long phone conversations and spread advice around - as if I have all the answers?! I've got questions, just like you, but I think some things have been cleared up a little.

Now I've got a question for you, dear readers : how do you "get" friends? During the long conversation we reached the conclusion that we need more friends, although we're not sure that's the solution. So, how does one get more friends - it's not that the ones we got now are not good anymore, well on the contrary - but some "new blood" in the circle wouldn't be a bad thing.

Oh, just so you know : answers like "go out and meet people" are totally useless. If that's the only thing you gotta say, better shut up in advance.


Dear Servme,

my opinion on getting more friends:

Letme tell you this: i prefer having 2, or 3 close friends like i have now instead of having >10friends that are not so close

Please describe friends for me: ppl to hang out with in pubs, or ppl you can really talk to, listen to, tell your secrets to, tell them your fears, your weaknesses, ppl you can count on, ppl that jump out of bed in the middle of the night when you need them,call them , without questions.....ppl that like you the way you are, ppl that are not afraid to tell you when you're wrong, ppl that can hurt your feelings sometimes, but in the end do this with only 1 thing in mind "helping the other"

friends: in my opinion, we,humans, were not build to have a big range of friends, ppl in modern times are becomming more and more egoistic, ego tripping and more and more only concerned in their own life. our society does not allow us to make a lot of friends, the way we work, the way we live, the way ppl are becomming racists, i mean, even when you look at the bible;, jesus had 12friends, but one of them lied to him and was in the end the reason he died.

categories of people in my life

1. family
2. close friends
3. pub- ppl/sports friends/
4. collegues
5. the rest...

family is clear to everyone, close friends has no definition, but your heart will tell you what the difference is with nr 3, collegues should never become close friends, but can be better as pub-ppl, sports friends, you know , the wider circel.

About the rest: "live and let die" , this is hard said, but if you really think about life, and future, thats the only truth there is.

one more thing/advice: don't search for friends, make friends, only by being yourself, but i'm not sure wether your post reflexs your real concern, are we talking about finding new, good close friends, or are we talking about finding new/fresh blood for relations, that's a huge difference, although on both answers i would say the same: get away from your computers, go into pubs, start talking to ppl instead of saying: beurk, no, i dont like him/her, whatever....

anyway, i could continue a while like this ( had same kind of conversations last couple of months) with someone we both really like, and need too.

last advice: look around, look at other ppl, how do they make contact to others, how do they start conversations and meet new ppl, don't wait till someone makes the first step, be pro-active, go for yourself and don't be ashame of running into the blue (letterlijke vertaling van blauwtje lopen) both when talking to "possible new girlfriends" as when talking to intresting ppl for conversations.

And make up your mind: what do i need, how will i get there, what do I need to change, what do i want to change in my life, what do i never wanne change in my life, how far will i go to reach what i want, and how am i going to handle dissapointments and neglections...

enough said, there's action to do: but find your
way of doing it, don't copy others please ...

best regards from a friend,
or better,
a close friend

I made a lot of new friends at work. Lots of my colleagues have become friends of mine.
Of course, you don't need a job to make new friends. Try joining a club (sports, hobby, ....). I'm sure that there you can meet lots of new people who can become good friends after a while. Especially when you are your good old funny self.

And it's true what Joco says. Don't start "searching" for friends...it's the same as looking for a boy/girlfriend, you won't find them when you're looking but you'll find them when you're not looking.

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