Your body is a strange thing, ain't it? You know that you've got limbs, toes, fingers, a back, arms, head and such, but unless you hit your finger with a hammer, you don't experience it's existence in a fysical way (apart from when you are using it of course). What I mean to say is : you always have your body and it's there but you don't realize it that often.

I just got back from a training in what is often referred to as "self defense", and believe me : I know that I've got a body, it consists of a lot of small parts, and each and every one of them hurts.

I'm off to bed early, believe me, but now that I just got home, I'm gonna have a long shower - if I can stay on my feet that is - and tomorrow I'll count all the bruises, nicks, dents and scratches all over me. Self defense training is fun, don't get me wrong, but throwing in a nearly 5 hour long session if you have no recent background in it, that hurts.

Did I learn something that I can use if needed? I probably did, although it's hard to tell right now. All the moves, grips and actions should be a second instinct if you want them to be useful in case of problems - a full day training doesn't do much else but give an insight into what is and is not possible.

Shower, here I come!


Ya, I've tried building a six pack out of a pot belly in 3 hours. It ain't happening. Personally, I wish you could just become a super human black belt stud muffin only when ladies are around. You see that way, you can be a clumpy, smelly piece of dog shit around your buddies and they don't resent you for it.

Now you know how I feel pretty much every day, for the last couple of months anyway. Recently I've even had people asking me who beat me up, which is actually kind of nice because I'm always bruised it's just not always visible. In my case it's just my job. I have calloused hands now though so they don't throb constantly, although the thistle prickles in my fingers get kind of annoying after a while. I've tried wearing gloves but then I can't grip. I'm building up muscles though which I'm sure you will too if you keep up your hard work.

(oh, and I wasn't beaten up, I just get a bit enthusiastic with the broom sometimes when I'm sweeping under a metal bar thing and bang the crap out of my arms)

Only three more weeks (hopefully) and then this damn field trial will be over.

For me, that was the most funny part of the course :-)

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