Once upon a waste of time


During a long break in the table soccer tournament yesterday, we decided to hop over the the cinema and watch a movie to pass some time. Since there were 4 of us it took some time to find a movie no one had seen yet, and we ended up getting tickets to "Once upon a time in Mexico".

Man, does that movie suck or what? I think it's a top 5 contender in my all time "movies to avoid" chart, that's how bad it was. Sure, it's got tons of "famous" actors (Johnny Depp - Antonio Banderas - Salma Hayek - Mickey Rourke - ...) but that doesn't mean the movie is worth watching.

If I'd have to give a wrap up of the plot, it would be something like this : a drug kartel leader want's to assasinate the president to take over power, while the CIA (or was it the FBI?) is after the kartel leader so they recruit some Mariachi singers as hitmen to kill someone else. Then suddenly everyone starts doublecrossing everyone else and lots of mexicans are killed. Add plastic surgery of a kartel leader to the mix and throw in a hot body (Salma Hayek as the daughter of... erm... someone) to complete the confusion.

It gets a 5.9/10 rating on imdb, but in my books it would be more like 2/10. A total waste of time and money.


Eef was not complaining about the movie
it was the first time she dated 3 gentlemen, (although maarten only counts as a half)
she seems to enjoyed it, although maybe she just couldn't see all of the small screen because of het small belly :)

I fell asleep at the beginning of that movie. Usually I can make it to the last 15 minutes or so of a movie, but that one was just too awful to stay awake for!

I'm glad at least 50% of the commenters agree with me ;)

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