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Went to Zwijdnrecht today to pick up ferret food, litter and some cheweasel, then stopped at the Wijnegem Shopping Center to grab a bite to eat, had photograhps made (I look like an arse, why am I not suprised?) and got myself an oldie CD of N.E.R.D, called "in search of..." I'm listening to it right now, and it ain't bad, but not really the same style as the first track (that I knew before I got the CD) called Lapdance.

Just got a note from the artist that was supposed to ship my prints on friday morning and it turns out he only did so yesterday. Anyway, I've got my tracking number and right now my shipment is in a place called Louisville, KY, US.

Yay, finally!

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I want to see your new pictures, Dork #3!

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