Mail, mail and more mail


I just got up - slightly slept in today, wasn't really my intention - and went down to open the mailbox and to my surpise there were no less than 4 envelopes in it. This is very much when compared to the amount of snail mail I receive over a full week.

A quick glance told me the new papers for the car were in - good, but not terribly exciting - there was a letter from a store called "Vis ta Vie", located in Tielrode and after I opened it, turned out to be a "personalised" invitation for a private sales session. That can very well be, but I don't recall ever hearing of a store called Vis ta Vie, nor being in Tielrode, or knowing the owners (Tris D'Hulst and Koen De Bie).

This leaves only the option that somehow I got included in some mailinglist that I don't know of, or they mixed me up with someone else. Anyway, if anyone here knows Tris or Koen, or know why I should know them, let me know, will you?

Next letter was from Huisvestingsmaatschappij Antwerpen, in regard to a job application I did on January 26th. They regretted to inform me that the position for which I applied was already taken. Oh well... at least they have the courtesy to reply - which puts them much higher on my appreciation list than all the companies that seem to think jobless people apply for jobs for fun and entertainment - and thus don't need feedback on their applications.

The last letter was from VDAB, and after I looked at the envelope, I kinda knew it was good news. It had the VDAB Training stamp on it, as well as a prior stamp, which indicates they wanted the letter to reach me as soon as possible. I opened it up and it seems I was correct : I'm expected to report in on monday, March 15th, 09h00 for a first training session. Unless something changes quite suddenly, I should be busy with it till March 29th - that's a good thing.

Now I'm off to check on 3 MS security bulletins I received by email (nothing important though, as I don't use MSN Messenger or Windows 2000 Media Services) and then I gotta reply to some mails that need attention.

Oh, did you notice that Liky, the model on one of the prints I bought of Jerome found this website and even left a comment? How cool is that?!


Hope you do well on the training sessions !! But that won't be a problem now will it?? :-)

Providing I wake up early enough, it shouldn't be :)

Are you looking for a job ?

If you know some php and jsp, you might have a chance where I work.

Interested ? : contact me....

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