La La Land...

I can't say enough thanks for all the cards, mails, calls and IM's that I got from people all over the globe - some of people that I've never even met in person, yet have known for a rather long time online. Who said the web makes people antisocial? Here's proof that it can be different :

8 birthday cards from all over the world, not counting the e-versions

Most of my morning was spent studying law and regulations - it's about as much fun as it sounds - and in the afternoon we got a brief introduction to bomb detection, alarms and security procedures. That was more interesting, even though we've only seen the top of the iceberg. I wonder what'll be served to us tomorrow?

For those wondering about a birthday bash or something like that, I don't think I'll be doing something like that this year. It'll be more like a fun night out with a couple of close friends and family instead... after I finished my training and when I manage to find a suitable date - which can be hard, looking at what is on my agenda already so far.

Off to bed now, it's early but I'll be reading the new Humo and C'T Magazine that both arrived today, before I drift off to lala land.

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