Kicked in the head


Today was definitely more fun as last week. I just got home and I'm still feeling quite fine, even though we've been pulling, pushing and clamping down all day long. The "real life" situations were very interesting to enact (like a doorman preventing access to a customer, asking people to leave the premises when the party is over, and more of those things) and I certainly picked up some things.

In the afternoon we had a bit of one-on-one sparring time, and I got a very nice kick in the head. It was my own fault though I'd say, as I should have seen it coming and either avoided it or deflected it. Ah well, after the kick I moved in and had my opponent ready for a nice nice throw, when the "fight" was stopped. It was fun to experience how people react and actually fight when confronted with agressors.

Did anyone use the knowledge we gained during the 12 hours of training we had? Not that I noticed, but it would suprise me if anyone did. It's not because you get trained for a short while, that you can use those techniques right away. It takes many more hours to let a technique become instinct like, so you can perform it perfectly without thinking.

Tomorrow is a long day, playing with fire. Bring it on ;)

3.5 days till the exam...


1) Who is your law teacher ???

2) Depending on the job you get, it's quite possible that you'll never have to use those techniques :-) (or maybe everyday)

3) The fire-days in Asse weren't that much (my opinion)

Law teacher is Bart Bar´┐Ż... a cool dude indeed. I'll let you know my impression of the day in Asse tomorrow.

Do tell... Just how DO you pronounce that city name? I get the giggles when I read it. :)

Good question... It certainly ain't Ass-eee (although that would probably be the way it looks to someone that doesn't know the pronounciation).

I think the closest you'd get is with

A (short a, as in "Damn")
ss (not difficult, just to s'es)
uh (it's actually a short "e" but I think for an english speaker a short "uh" would sound better)

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