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The first day of training was quite enjoyable, although I find the content of the syllabus rather vague. Maybe it'll get more specific when we see "Observation and Reporting" tomorrow morning or "Legal specifics and laws in regard to guarding" in the afternoon. Then wednesday has more of the observation and reporting course and on thursday we move on to "psychological conflict management and physical self defense" (full day). Friday brings more observation techniques and conflict management to end the week.

Monday we start off with more law and criminal law, tuesday focuses again on psychological and physical conflict management and on wednesday we'll have quite a lot of field work when we get a crash course in fire, bomb alarm and disaster management techniques (full day). Thursday is yet more law and in the afternoon we see communication skills, as well as on friday morning. Friday afternoon is wrapped up with more observation and reporting.

Monday morning is the last course (even more law) and in the afternoon we take the exam.

I hope to get rid of this terrible headache that I've been having the past days though, as it'll allow me to concentrate much better during class. Good thing classes are kept pretty short : 09h00 till 12h00 and 12h30 till 15h30, with the exception of the fire, bombs alarms and disaster management field day when we start at 08h00 till 17h30.

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