Household chores - yikes


Yesterday I did two machines of laundry and I should really get my ass in gear and do some ironing, but that is quite probably the one chore I simply hate with a passion. That results in letting the stack of clothes that need to be ironed getting huge, and as it grows, the drive to do ironing becomes virtually non-existent.

Remaining on the to-do list : vacuuming, washing windows (which I might do, since the weather is quite good today) and scrubbing the floors.

Ah well... I think I'll do a part of it today, before I'm off to Joco and Eef. I won't be going to the erotic fair coz I got other things to do. Tomorrow I start my training and I'm looking forward to it.


Why bother ironing them? My clothes are never ironed, I just wear them wrinkly *shrug*.

Ironing? yuck! I hate it too!
they should make clothes you don't have to iron

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